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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So as many of you know, I met the Garage Boys by accident while we were in Vegas at the end of February. They were so awesome that we went back to see them perform every night that we were there. We not? Fun covers, really talented and totally entertaining. Oh... and they are nice guys.

So since that time we have been in touch here and there. Also trying to find them a place to perform in Utah. When my roommates and I went to Vegas to see Celine Dion, we figured while we were there... we would go see the Garage Boys. I mean... they are always performing somewhere. They were no longer performing where we discovered them because they are redoing the building or something like that. They now perform on the other side of the strip. As it turns out, it takes forever to drive from one side of the strip to the other and find parking and all of that. By the time we got there, they were just cleaning up. I was SO bummed that we had missed them perform. At least we still got to say hi though. Oh and they gave us their new CD. Normally they charge $10 for one, but they gave each of us one for free and signed them for us.

Last Saturday the Garage Boys played by the pool at a Casino in Mesquite, Nevada. Vicki, Tina and I decided to go. From Provo to Mesquite it is about a 4 hour drive if you make good time (which we did) and we left at 4:30pm and got there just as they started performing at 8. They are so fun to watch, they had a pretty big crowd. It was SO hot. We were just sweating while we stood there. We got some water to help cool us down. Pretty sure we were the only ones drinking water there. ha ha. I will drink to that yeah yeah.

They noticed us right away and made sure they performed Purple Rain for us. :) So thoughtful. They took a half hour break and it was so hot we just sat by the pool and dipped our feet. Bryan was so nice and found us during their break and came and chatted with us for 15 minutes before he had to get back on stage. They performed until 10:30 (very different from the shows we were  used to) and then said they would be in the lounge after to get drinks and that anyone was welcome to join them. They knew we had driven down to see them and Bryan wanted to make sure we were going to stay and hang with them in the lounge. I told him we would be there and he said he would come find us. Bryan and a friend of his came and found us in the lounge listening to another band that was not so good. They pulled up a couple of chairs and we spent the next 2 hours chatting as our group got bigger and bigger as the rest of the band joined our table along with other groupies and people coming by that had just seen them that night. I felt like we were so cool.... like we had started the party. The band came to us! ha ha. Seriously though, they are super cool. So funny too. We just have a good time with them.

The first time I saw them Bryan gave me his card. The second time I saw them, they gave me a free signed CD. This time, Bryan gave me his guitar pick while saying "I know how to treat a lady". Which was awesome because I do actually play guitar now and I don't have a pick. I'm wondering what more they could give me when I see them next time. A Shirt? ha ha. kidding.

Seriously though, I think I am an official groupie now. I never thought I would be a groupie, but here I am collecting Garage Boy stuff and keeping in touch with the band on facebook and hanging out with them after the show that I drove 8 hours round trip for (got home at 6am). Yep.... I think that defines me as a groupie.


jamie hixon said...

This group looks like an eclectic mix of people, but they sound fun! I remember my groupie days. I guess you missed out on that when the Living Room was in it's heyday. I was always backstage with someone, chatting with all the bands. I got a lot of free stuff. Including shirts. haha.

Vicki S said...

So much FUN! Love the GB's, thanks for going on the short road trip! P.S. Sorry I ruined all the pictures :D

Lori said...

You are crazy Tracy!! I remember making long drives for bands too... nothing that crazy though! haha glad you had fun.