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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Softball

Remember when I went to the batting cages to practice for the softball season coming up? Well... softball season has come and gone and it was exciting. Here is a summary of the season in pictures. We didn't have team shirts (mine was from a previous year) so we would just tell everyone to wear green.

Our team, the 233rd ward was undefeated. I think one of the reasons for this is because we always had food. BBQ's most of the time, but at least otter pops. As it turns out, food does a lot of good for a team. Keeps the moral up and makes it so more people want to come. Every game we would get more and more people out that wanted to play or even just come and watch and cheer us on.

Game #1

Missed Game #2

Game #3

Game #4

Game #5

Game #6 (this was our hardest game, we started out not playing well, the other team was rude (I got sassed by the pitcher of their team, don't want to talk about it) and this was the only game that ended in a tie. We still didn't lose though, so we are still undefeated)

Highlights of the Season for me....

#1- Catching 4 fly balls throughout the season.
#2- Game #6 one of the players on the other team hit the ball out far in the out field. Crystal was out there and didn't even move and caught the ball. All of our mouths dropped and we all called it "The Sandlot" catch.
#3- When Jay was up to bat, he hits the ball hard, it was heading straight for Brother Cope and he saw it coming and hit the floor so fast that if you blinked you missed it. It was so funny. I then started telling him he had reflexes like a mongoose.
#4- When Ryan got hit in the stomach (it was only funny because he wasn't hurt)

#5- When Josh stole 3 bases and made it home on game #6
#6- When Danny hit the ball and barely made a home run to tie our game #6 He then became my hero... and I still call him that every time I see him. He is our allstar player.

There were a lot of other great moments too, our team was awesome, but these are the great and funny ones that I remember most.

Game #7

Another reason I think our team did so well is because we had a great cheer section. It made it very fun when you have a lot of people encouraging you and cheering you on.

The last game was tonight. We were behind most the game but then pulled through in the end. Our awesome pitcher, Brother Cope, who we all love was injured because he got hit in the arm with the ball, but after a short break pitched the rest of the game. He was a rock that kept the team together, cool and calm throughout the season. It was a great last game.

I am really going to miss Tuesday softball games. We had a lot of fun. Since we were undefeated, we were thinking of making some sort of trophy. :) We will see if that actually happens. Regardless, we had a lot of fun... and this is how I became friends with Megan who is now not only a good friend, but is going to be my roommate soon.

Game #8 (last game)


Lynette Mills said...

A great big congratulations to you

Lil Lizzie said...

love softball. love bro cope's reflexes. love our team spirit. love you.

Lori said...

What a team! I love that it just kept growing all season :) Good job Tracy, glad you found a room mate out of it too!

Wesley said...

Maybe we should just keep playing every Tuesday since we have enough to field two teams anyway...

jamie hixon said...

Yay! A Sandlot catch would be something to see. Ha! You look like you are having fun.