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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Patriotic Birthday Party

My friend Megan's birthday is on the 4th of July. I told her I would throw her a birthday party, so I did. We of course couldn't do it on her actual birthday because she was going to be spending the day with family but also because everyone has their own plans for the day and we wanted people to come. So we had it on Monday, a couple days before her birthday. It was simple, but fun. I hung streamers with lights behind them, I made a strawberry cheesecake trifle with blue berries (so it could be red, white and blue), I bought red, white and blue sugar cookies and Rich bought Red, white and blue cupcakes. We also had chips and dip at another table. When I throw a party for someone's birthday, I always print a picture of them to display somewhere. I don't know how much they like it... but I do.

Then of course I made a cake. I was excited for this cake for a couple different reasons. I usually decorate the cakes, this time I just kept it simple with patriotic sprinkles. But I was excited for the candles that Liz picked out. They were not only different colored candles but the flames matched the color of the candles. I had never seen anything like it before and I thought it was awesome.

The other thing I was excited about was for Megan to cut open her cake. The inside was red, white and blue! It was my first different color layered cake. Everyone thought it looked cool AND tasted good. So I was pleased. I didn't want to decorate the outside of the cake because the inside was what was pretty. :)

After eating cake, I had bought sparklers for everyone to play with outside. I thought it was pretty fun, and I figure you can't have a patriotic birthday party without having at least sparklers.

It was a good turn out and a good time. I think Megan is fantastic and I am really excited that she is going to be my new roommate.


Lori said...

Looks great Tracy!! I'm glad you are getting yourself a good roomie too :)The cake came out awesome!

Meg said...

Best birthday party ever. That cake was "pleasing to the eyes, and the palette!" :) I'm glad we're going to be roomies. You're the best!!

Kristy said...

It turned out great. You are the best at hosting a good party.

Lil Lizzie said...

check out my sad sparkler in the last sparkler pic haha.

jamie hixon said...

How fun! Love the patriotic theme. Love the cake! Good job. And I think a picture of the celebrated one is a great idea. I should try that out...