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Sunday, November 6, 2011

South African Masks

I got these cool masks while I was in South Africa. I wanted to get bigger ones, but they were more expensive and I didn't know where I would put bigger masks... so I  got 2 smaller ones. When I got home I didn't know how I would display them. One day it hit me. Remember my Bucket List craft that I did? Well... I remembered that I had a matching frame, so I decided I would display them in that frame! I painted the frame black and put burlap on the back and hot glued the masks on there. Tada! I completed a new craft of something from my travels that I can display in my room. A simple craft that I turned out being very pleased with.


Desiree said...

awesome! I love it! You are SO stinking crafty. Jealous!!!

Lori said...

Very cool Tracy- how fun, it came out great!

jamie hixon said...

That is awesome!! The burlap is a good choice, and those masks are way cool.