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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bourgeous & Wrenn Family Photoshoots

While my mom and sister Lori were in town last week, Lori mentioned that her baby Zachary was getting jipped because there have not been as many pictures taken of him as her fist son William. So I told her I would take some for her while she was here. I also asked my sister Kristy if I could take some family photo's of them... its good practice for me. Worked out nice for my sisters too since they ended up really liking the pictures. No better compliment then when someone tells you they are going to frame a picture you took and put it on display in the house. :o) Anyway, I love my family... so it was a pleasure.
So while they were here, I did a photo shoot of just Baby Zachary, one of just William and then a photo shoot at the train station with both families. Here are some of my favorites from all the shoots. (Sorry there are so many pictures. I just had such a hard time choosing because My nieces & Nephews are so stinking cute!)

Baby Zachary Photoshoot

William Photoshoot

Family Train Station Photoshoot

Cousins! They are only 6 weeks apart!



Katie H. said...

Fantastic, Tracy! You're doing amazing work!

Kel said...

good work! your family is loving this new hobby of yours!

rachel v. said...

these pictures are SO cute! I love them! And you do have pretty great subjects to work with ;)
(ps sorry I have been kind of MIA with commenting, I have been out of town!)

Lynette Mills said...

I'm so glad we have another photographer in the family now Tracy. We for sure will not want for good family photos.

Tammy Jackson said...

love the pictures!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my cuteness! You are amazing.

The Hatch Family said...

Tracy, I'm such a slacker! I forgot to put your blog on my blog list, so it was out of sight. Argh! Forgive me:) Love that you have a drop down menu also! I need to update mine. I'm stoked to see ya! Bring any friends with you to the photo shoot!

Lori said...

All the pictures turned out awesome. You did an amazing job considering all the young ones that had to be managed and distracted. The train station was a PERFECT idea though... the location helped a ton. Thomas the Train!!!!! haha. Love you!

Des said...

These are so precious!
You really captured this families beauty and love.