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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Farewell James

Wednesday I had a goodbye party for my friend James in the ward. We are sad to see him go (because he provides a lot of comic entertainment.... and he is a super nice guy) and move to Texas, but go he must.

He told me he loves cheesecake... so Megan and I bought some cheesecakes. I also had a place where people could write him a note and tell him how awesome he is... so he could feel loved as he goes.

For an activity, I thought it was only fitting that we did karaoke. After all, that is where we really bonded.... Applebees karaoke. It was a hit. As you can see from the pictures, people got really into it. There were so many people at my house, I didn't even know who everyone was. I'm also positive that not everyone there even knew James, they just knew there was a party. Whatever, the move the merrier.

The highlight of this party was when James and Josh performed a karaoke duet to "Same Girl". They wanted to perform it at Applebees last time we went, but they didn't have the music. They practiced the song though... so gosh darn it, they were going to perform it. So glad they did. These guys crack me up.

James, you will be missed. Thanks for the good times. (Also got a picture of me, Megan & Josh just for kicks)

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