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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Floral Design 8

Many people may not remember this but... A few years ago I used to attend a floral class put on by the amazing and talented Miss Melissa Nickle in my ward who does floral design professionally. Well, she offered to teach it again since it had been a while and since I am the Relief Society Activities chair, I was all about it. I was excited to attend her class again.

For this class she wanted to make it Easter themed. So you know those egg holders? We made our arrangements in one of those, Cute huh? It was a little arrangement, but very pretty. You think it would be easy to put together an arrangement that small. Not so! Melissa of course makes it look easy, but it is not. Anyway... mine turned out pretty good, I was happy with it. Can't wait until next month!

Here is everyone working on their arrangements.

Pictures with Leanne and Ashley with our finished arrangements.

Close ups up my arrangement. I had to get another one since the daffodils bloomed a couple of days later.

So fun. Love this class. Thanks Melissa! 


Tracy said...

I'm not sure why Blogger decides to make some people's comments show up and not others... but this is the comment my sister Lori made on this one that didn't show up for whatever reason.

"I love the flowers chosen, really beautiful! Good job :)"

jamie hixon said...

Oh, my! That is beautiful. How fun to take a flower arranging class. Nice job!

Lynette Mills said...

love it. it would be hard to work on something so small, but they turned out beautiful