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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Fort Week

Well, as is tradition for June, I held my 4th annual Fort Week. People just love fort week. It makes me lots more popular. No joke. I get way more people visiting when I have the fort up than any other time. Who knew that having a fort in your living room would be the key to making you popular? Even when I wasn't holding events, people would still come over or ask to come over to hang in the fort. Good times.

Some of the fort events included:
Bachelorette viewing
Super Nintendo
Movie Nights
Heart to Hearts
Sleep overs
Ninja Warrior viewing

AND a new event that was introduced this time... was Saturday morning cereal and cartoons. That's right! People came over and brought cereal and we watched people's favorite cartoons from when we were kids... like Heman, Bobby's World, Recess, Jem, David the Gnome and Eureeka's Castle. So many more I would have loved to watch... but we just couldn't find them.

Another successful fort week. The tradition lives on!

1 comment:

jamie hixon said...

You are so rad. My kids must have been feeling your fort vibe all the way over here, because they are fort building MACHINES lately. I'm looking at one of their forts right now.