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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jimmy Fallon Video's

Lately I have decided that Jimmy Fallon is my favorite when it comes to late night talk shows. He is funny... and does the most random stuff on his show that I love. Also... whenever Justin Timberlake goes on his show, it makes me like him more and more as well. He is quite funny. Here are some of my favorite video's

Black Simon and Garfunkle singing Thrift Shop (best of both of my music worlds)

History of Rap

Sexy Back Barbershop Quartet

If you haven't seen any of these.... watch them now. So funny.


Karen Ella said...

Oh my gosh. Ragtime Sexyback SLAYED me. hahahahah!

Karen Ella said...

BAHAHAHAHAHHAH! ok, seriously. the rap. oh my word. laughing out loud at work.

Bre said...

have you seen jimmy kimmel yodeling with brad pitt? HILARIOUS

jamie hixon said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to look up Jimmy & Brad yodeling. Were you at my house when you watched the barbershop one? Jimmy is so talented, he is one of my two favorites. Of course, the other fav is a Jimmy too.

T-Ray said...

Yes Jamie, you are the one that showed me the barbershop one. And now I need to look up the yodeling one too!