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Monday, June 17, 2013

Glam Shots by Tracy

Since I am on the communications committee in my ward, it is my job to take pictures of all the new people in the ward. Then I give those pictures to Melodie and she uploads them on the lds.org and everyone has a nice picture next to their name. The pictures are VERY nice (compared to most) because I take them outside with my nice camera. Anyway... after a while, Melodie started referring to my pictures as "Glam Shots by Tracy" so that everyone knew they would be looking good in their pictures... which is totally true. I like it. Sometimes when I'm waiting for people to come out and get their picture taken, I take some more pictures of Melodie just for fun... so she can get a new facebook profile picture.

So... this then turned into me doing little photoshoots of people. Well... people started seeing the pictures I was taking of my roommates, and I asked a couple of people if they wanted me to take their picture as well. Why? Because it is good practice for me AND I like to make people feel beautiful... because a good picture can make you feel beautiful (at least I feel that way). Sunday I took some photo's of some people in my ward.

Glam Shots by Tracy - Take 1





And a few Allison took of me and I photoshopped.


Lori said...

Great pictures, as always :) looking forward to seeing you soon!

{allison} said...

I love that third picture of mary, what a babe!

jamie hixon said...

You are so photogenic. And you are a good photographer.