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Saturday, June 15, 2013

SLC Chalk Art Festival

Yesterday my roommates Shawney & Sabrina and a couple of other friends and I went to Salt Lake City for the evening. What was the occasion? The Chalk Art Festival! We have something very similar back home called iMadonnari. I love that... so I figured I would love this too. I think that the one back home is a little more professional than this one... but this one was great too. Here are some of my favorites from the festival.


flux biota. said...

some of these are just fantastic. I would love to go to something like this.

Tracy said...

It's pretty amazing what can be done with chalk! It's awesome.

Lori said...

Awesome! I have been meaning to go by the mission after church to see if the drawing are still there. I missed it this year.

jamie hixon said...

Nice! I wish I was a super good chalk artist... like Bert from Mary Poppins.