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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 175

It has been a really frustrating week for me. There are a few different reasons for this. Where to start...

I haven't been going to the gym. After my half marathon was over, my health coach told me not to do anymore cardio and I would lose more weight. So I did what she said. I just went to Pilates class and then nothing else except walks and such. I still only lost almost 2 pounds last week. It is frustrating because I feel like I should have lost more by this point. Not that I don't appreciate where I am at... I am starting to look and feel good. However, when my friend that started a month after me is only 5 pounds behind me... it is frustrating that I am not losing it faster. People tell me I look good... which feels great, but I tell people... you will know when I am making progress and feeling good when you see me in my red skinnies. I say this because about a year ago I started buying colored skinny jeans. They are super cute. So I bought a couple pairs at Urban Outfiters and I LOVED the way they fit. So I ordered a couple more online... one of them being red. They didn't have anymore in my size so I got one down thinking I would still be able to fit in them. Even when I have lost weight... it was never enough to fit into those jeans. Of course instead of sending them back, I kept them and took it as a challenge. So... when I fit into the red skinnies... I will be happy that I am making major progress.

The other frustrating thing is my dating life. It is seriously a mess. A guy I used to date came back in the picture (even though I don't want to date him again) and then all of the guys I was going out with and it was going so well all faded at the same time and I felt like stopped making an effort. Why all at the same time? That is so how it works. When it rains it pours and then it just stops all at the same time. I hate it. One of them was supposed to pursue me... that is the point of dating more than one. On top of that, a guy that I used to date a couple of years ago recently chatted with me and told me that right after he dated me he started dating dudes. How is that supposed to make me feel? Especially when this is not the first time it has happened? I can't make this stuff up. This is my life. It's hard for me not to take it all personally. Can someone just find me a good guy to marry? Seriously.

In less frustrating news.... it is fort week. That can always cheer me up. I created a facebook event page for it and everyone got all kinds of excited. People love Fort Week. Even when I didn't have events posted for certain nights this week, I still had people texting me asking me if they could come over and hang out in the fort. Fort Week makes me more popular. ha ha. So far we have had a movie night, watched the Bachelorette (as is tradition) played Super Nintendo, had a heart to heart...  tomorrow we are having another movie night... and a sleep over. Saturday morning will be a new event for Fort Week.... we will having Saturday morning cereal and cartoons in the fort. It will be BYOC (Bring your own cereal) and we will watch all of our favorite classic cartoons that we grew up on. Everyone (including myself) is very excited. I am going to make everyone come in their PJ's too. Gotta love fort week.

I wish there were more guys to date in the ward... however, my ward is filled with awesome girls. I have made some really great new friends that I am really excited about. Like these two girls. Kara and Lindsey. They are both so great. We totally bonded over the Summerfest fireworks. I didn't even know Kara and she just text me and said lets meet up with Lindsey for fireworks... and I was like, yep, I love that idea. And we went and on the way there became new BFF's. Already made lots of summer plans. These girls rock.

Today my neighbors had me and my old roommates (Sarah and Meg) over for dinner... because we talked about it for forever before they moved out and it never happened. Nate is a good man though and organized it and made it happen. He also BBQed the most amazing shish kabobs I have ever had. It was a good good dinner... that I could eat even on my diet. I love those dinners. #bestneighborsever

I have been bored at work this week. I mean, I'm still watching Fringe (on the 3rd season) but I still am watching the clock everyday. This is probably partially due to the fact that I haven't been going to the gym so I don't have that to split up my day. You know what happens when I'm bored at work? I buy plane tickets. True story. I bought two this week.

So I was introduced to the show "Ninja Warrior" by Dave and James... when they used to live together and we would all watch it together sometimes. I loved it. I thought it was awesome. When I first met one of the guys in my ward, we bonded over Ninja Warrior because he loved that show too and he downloaded a season and we watching it in the fort that year during fort week. I planned a trip and he was supposed to go and everyone bailed including him... so I was kind of upset. Long story short.. to make it up to me because he felt bad... he bought for me on ebay 25 seasons of Ninja Warrior... which I now have and have gotten out several times to watch. It is now Fort tradition to watch that in the fort during fort week. People know I like Ninja Warrior. Tonight I got a text from a number I didn't know that they had a friend in CO that got 4 extra tickets to the living taping of American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas and gave me first dibs on the tickets. I thought it was very funny... and nice. Too bad I already had plans for the weekend... that would have been fun to see. I get offered the most random stuff sometimes.

We had this Relief Society activity last week on style and how the way we dress tell people who we are and what we want to tell people by what we wear. Oddly enough, my roommates and I all came wearing stripes. Not sure what that means... but I sure do love my roommates. They are super great.


Kristy said...

Like your striped shirt....hope fort week is everything you hoped for and more. :)

Lori said...

That's fun that you have kept going with fort week :) Sorry for your frustrations, i'm glad it doesn't stop you from keep'in on. You look great!

jamie hixon said...

Maybe that is why I could never lose weight when I was starving and working out all the time... too much cardio? Bummer. At least you are losing weight at all. Bright side!
You look cute in stripes!