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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flake Ranch

As most of you know, I have been on the program Take Shape for Life. I found out about this program from my co-worker Tyler who works with me in the Legal department. His wife is a Health Coach (which you automatically get when you sign up for the program). She is now my health coach. Tyler and his wife are both awesome.

There is a whole community of people on this program. There is a facebook page of the group so people can ask questions and voice concerns or whatever. There are tons of people in this group and you don't know most of them.... so they decided to put on a little party so people could meet each other and have some support in the form of a party. The party was at the Flake Ranch (Tyler's parents house) up Hobble Creek Canyon. It is beautiful up there. They provided pulled pork and everyone brought their favorite green side dish (so all the food was diet approved). After people met each other and talked and ate... they had a testimony meeting. ha ha. People told their stories of how this program changed their life. I asked Tyler if people usually cry at these things.... he said yes. I didn't see anyone cry this time, but it was good. Just made me wish I was done so I could tell my story. I'm feeling good.... but I am far from done.  Here is the group of people that came to the party. We were supposed to bring a date.... but it turns out I don't have a date to bring. Oh well.

So at this ranch where the party was held, they had some great outdoor activities. They had some swings, and a zip line and tree house.... stuff that Tyler and her his siblings built growing up I guess. They also grew up riding horses. So guess what? Horse rides were available! One of the horses had a baby a month ago... so you just saw this cute little colt following it's mom around.

I had told Tyler that I probably wasn't going to ride if I came to the party. Well, he convinced me to come to the party. As soon as I got out of the car, he came to greet me on his horse. He made his dad get off the other horse and told me to get on. So I got on the other horse and we rode down to the party instead of walking down to the party. This is why I am carrying my purse (in case you wondered). Since I wasn't planning on riding, this is also why I am in sandals. I'm glad Tyler didn't give me a choice. I enjoy getting on a horse.... as long as things don't get too crazy. These were beautiful horses too. It was a fun time.


Caytlin said...

Small world...I know Tyler Flake and his brother Troy :) We all lived at The Colony back in 2004 and Tyler dated my roommate Ange. I love the Flake Ranch. AMAZING place!!

Shantelle said...

Oh, Tracy! I just love you! It was such a fun night. You made it exactly 76% better because you were there. Thanks for making it out. I loved meeting you and loved meeting your beautiful face (finally).

Lori said...

Sounds like a rad evening Tracy! So cool!

jamie hixon said...

"I'm on a horse."

That is a pretty cool perk to the program. Nice party!