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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Picture Licensing

I love my life. Random things happen to me sometimes... and I love it. Brings excitment and laughter to my life. I think part of the reason why.... is because of the fact that I blog regularly and there is a bit of traffic that goes there. Also I think because I lead a pretty interesting life.... maybe compared to some. I also just put it all out there. I'm open about pretty much everything. It is who I am. I'm ok with it... in fact I like that about me.

That being said, on Friday I got a comment on my blog from a really nice lady. She told me she was interested in licensing one of my pictures for commercial purposes. Cool right? I was excited about that. Always great to have your photography recognized.... and maybe get paid for it. She left me her email address... so I wrote her back and asked for more detail and asked her which picture she was interested in.... thinking it had to be one of my "photo of the week" pictures. One that I took with my nice camera and spent time editing to perfection.

This is the email that I received back from her:

Hi Tracy,
Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly.

We're actually interested in the fun photo you took of your friend Lizzie at your "Ugly Sweater Party" back in 2010.

Our current project is for a beer company in which we'd like to show the image below in a holiday themed grocery store display and maybe on their website. Would you and Lizzie be interested in licensing the photo for a promotional beer advertisement?

You also have some beautiful travel images that may be of interest to some of our other clients. It's my job to hunt for photos and I do so enjoy viewing many photographers' portfolios. You're on my radar now for future projects. I really like how you post a photo a week. That takes a lot of diligence, I commend you! Do you still experiment with nature photography? It's one of my true passions.

Please let me know if you would be interested in licensing the fun image above for a holiday beer promotion. We present our next round of layouts and ideas to our clients on Monday and I'd love to include your image in our presentation with your permission. If the clients love it, then we would talk about licensing fees.

Thanks again for your speedy reply!

It made me laugh.... not because she said anything wrong, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was also sad, because I really wanted to to say yes. I was excited someone wanted to possibly pay for one of my photographs... but I couldn't say yes, because it was advertising for beer and I can't promote something that I am against doing myself. Hopefully she was serious though about my other photographs for future projects though. She was so nice and it was so great for her to compliment me.

I enjoy these experiences in my life. Gives me something to talk about and be excited over.


Karen Ella said...

BAHHAHAH! I love this. The idea of Lizzie promoting beer and you taking pictures for it seriously made me cackle out loud. I love you both, and mostly, I love that I already know I'll never see either of you on any kind of campaign like that. :) That said, you DO take awesome photographs!!

Lori said...

That is crazy Tracy! And good for you not giving into the temptation of fame for a beer company :) You will get your photography out there!

jamie hixon said...

She did sounds nice, and I hope you turned her down in the nicest way possible.
Also, that is sort of hilarious.
And I hope you get other pictures chosen for licensing. You should try to enter your images to stock photography sites. Dan did it forever ago, and he still sometimes gets (small) surprise checks.

Tracy said...

I need to do that! It would be cool to see if I could get any money from it. And yes, I turned her down in a very nice way. :)