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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 186

This week has been great. Probably because there was no work on Monday, so it has just flown by. I have also been busy. We have continued to have summer storms... but the weather has been warm and beautiful and I just want to be outside. 

I have had a couple of dates this week. They were both alright. It gets frustrating. I mean... I guess I should be happy to be going on dates because I know a lot of people don't, but sometimes it just gets old to go on a bunch of dates that don't go anywhere. Meanwhile... I would like to continue going out with one guy, but he freaks out every time we are together because "he isn't ready" ha ha. Ugh. So... I guess I will keep on keeping in on in hopes of one day.... one guy... will work out.

For work today we went to this place in American Fork that I had never been to before called "Cravings Bistro". They make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, but also have yummy salads (which is what I got) and have yummy desserts. In fact, the owner's sister has a cupcake shop. They went on cupcake wars (the show) together and won and have these two shops in Utah that are way good. I loved my salad... but I look forward to going back when I am not on a diet anymore and trying out a grilled cheese. It was a fun work outing though and next door is this cute boutique, so I got to look in there while I waited for my food. :) 

My toe nail fell off today. Gross! I can't remember if I have ever had that happen before. I have known this was going to happen for a while though. When I ran my half marathon, it was tender... when I later went to get a pedicure... they took off the nail polish and I saw how bruised my nail was. So yeah.. it fell off. However, I was lucky that when my nail came off, there was already another one grown in underneath. This made it less gross. ha ha

There are a ton of people that move into my ward. I have some new guy neighbors on both sides of me. They seem really cool, so I am excited to get to know them and maybe have some more people to hang out with since I don't feel like I have many friends these days... which is frustrating. Not that I don't have friends... I have plenty of friends, but I mean like good friends that I hang out with all of the time. I need those. Although I now visit teach a girl that is big into scuba diving... so we are already planning a trip for the winter to scuba. SO excited. :) 

I didn't weigh in this week. I'm feeling good though. I'm also really considering becoming a health coach and helping other people do this program. 

I love getting these nice notes from people. It is always such a nice little surprise. Have no idea who does them... but thank you! It makes my day.

I'm done with "Switched at Birth". I loved it. Have to wait for the next season to start in January. Still keeping up with "Breaking Bad". Now I need a new show to watch....

In other news, my niece Reanne thinks I'm filthy rich and that I am going to bring her back a baby Tiger when I come back from Thailand. Interesting... life's perspective from a child. It makes me laugh.

After almost 3 years... I got an email from my tour guide in India! Random? Especially since that came shortly after getting an email from Mr. Matrimonials. Is this my sign that I need to go back to India? Probably not... although that is what I think my tour guide wants. I mean... I will go back and visit again one day.... I just don't think it will be for a while, I have so many other places that I want to go. 

Funniest thing that I heard in church on Sunday... this new guy in my ward gets up to bare his testimony. He tells us he is from the Philippines and lived in the states for x amount of years. He tells everyone that he is fluent in 7 languages. We all are impressed... then he lists them. He says he is fluent in Tagalog, English and the 5 love languages. HA! He continued and said his favorite is quality time. I thought it was so funny. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. I want to be friends with that guy.

Yesterday I got to hang out with my good friend Geedge! I was so excited. I love that girl and I'm pretty sure we hadn't seen each other since I went to her wedding! Yeah... she has 2 kids now. This is not ok. Well now... we are going to make sure to get together more. Her kids are adorable and liked me right away and her husband is the sweetest, and they told me they have like 4 of his cousins to set me up with. I'm game. ha ha. We spent HOURS together catching up. It was awesome. Hope we REALLY do get together more often. 


Lori said...

How fun you hung out with Geegi :)
I just got finished reading the 5 love languages! I think that book is AMAZING and that guy in your ward is totally funny for saying that!
Love you

flux biota. said...

...in regards to the toenail moment in your week. I had half of my toenail die! I wore shoes that were too tight, half my toenail went white! AHHH!

jamie hixon said...

Once my baby toenail fell off for no reason. It was weird. But my baby toe nails are almost non-existant anyway, so yeah.

Glad you are having fun... hope one of these dates works out for you soon PLAYA. ;)