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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I feel like you can't go through summer without camping at least once... it's a crime. It's the end of summer and I still hadn't gone camping and I wanted to go... like bad. I told this to my roommate Jessica and she talked to her boyfriend and he got all excited and planned a camping trip. At first we were nervous that it might rain and wouldn't be able to go camping. The weather pulled through for us though.

Cameron invited a couple of his buddies, Adam and Matt. Adam brought his girlfriend... and then it was me, Jessica (who didn't stay the night) and Mary. We had a great time. The guys planned the camping trip, they wanted to go to up American Fork Canyon... where people go to hike Timp. Being a holiday weekend, I didn't think we would get a camping spot... but I had a back up plan. Good thing I did too... all the spots were full and the guys didn't know what to do. We were in the parking lot of the Timpanookie Trail Head and I recognized the spot where Brent and I had been camping a couple of times back in the day when we were dating. A spot that wasn't a real spot... therefore you don't have to pay. It is nice a grassy and still close to the bathrooms, but just over the hill so it looks like you are out in the middle of nowhere, close enough to the stream so you can hear the running water and there is even a fire pit already there. :) It's perfect, so I lead everyone there. Everyone thought it was awesome and I was the hero of the trip. We also don't have to walk far to get there, so that is also nice. So we went there and set up camp.

After camp was set up, we chilled by the fire... stayed warm, told stories, got to know each other. Turns out Adam was in my ward when I first moved to Deer Haven years ago. It was good times.

I was so happy that Mary came. Especially since Jessica didn't end up staying. First of all, I love Mary. Second of all, she brought a great tent. We had a great time. The tent is way small... but it works out because I don't move much in my sleep and it helped with heat in the tent. I love being in nature and sleeping outside... but I like to be comfortable when I'm sleeping outside. That's the tricky part. So... I brought memory foam to sleep on. It was big enough for Mary and I to both sleep on it. I should have brought socks... besides that, I actually was warm enough and comfortable enough to sleep pretty well. I woke up a couple of times because people at all hours of the night are starting their hike for Timp because it takes so long. Other than that... I slept great. It was awesome.

Next morning.... we woke up to Adam blowing his Elk horn... that was awesome (sarcasm) and then the group learned that I wasn't a morning person. Then we packed up and we drove home. It was so beautiful up there. I just love summer and being in the great outdoors and disconnecting from the world and my phone and just enjoying being outside and talking with people while looking into a fire. It's the best! So glad we went.


jamie hixon said...

I remember liking camping at some point in my life... I'm not there any more. But it looks like you had fun! Good for you.

Anonymous said...

You're probably already familiar with the song but, Old Pine by Ben Howard reminds me of your camping trip. It's a pretty great song.