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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Full Moon Ski Lift Ride Take 2

A couple of years ago, I went on the Full moon ski lift ride at Sundance for the first time. I LOVED it.  I don't know why I haven't gone since... maybe because I wanted to go on a date for it next time and I hadn't been invited. This year I put it on my fall bucket list. I also happened to be asked on a date to go. Win win.

Last time I went it was SUPER crowded! This time, we pretty much just walked on. One reason being, the BYU vs U of U game was going on. Thank goodness John and I both don't really care about that. Second of all, it was a little overcast... so the moon didn't light up everything like it did last time I went. It was still wonderful though. I just love it. It is so relaxing and peaceful. Utah is so beautiful and I love taking full advantage of my surroundings. It was John's first time and he really enjoyed it as well. It was pretty hard to get pictures since it was so dark... but we tried...

We went on the last one for this month. They will be doing it one more time for a few days before and up until Halloween and then they are done until next summer. If you have never done  it, I recommend it. It's a fun date... gives you an excuse to cuddle up. :)

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jamie hixon said...

You look awesome. And you guys picked a stellar time to go. You didn't have to like, ski... did you? That would have turned me into a meat popsicle.