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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 189

Right now, I am in my bed while I type this. I have the window open a little bit so that I can listen to the rain. I love listening to the rain while I am all warm and cozy inside. We had snow in the mountains this morning... it was 80 degrees the other day. Yep... it's fall in Utah.

I updated my phone this week to the new iOS7 or whatever on the iphone. I don't know if I love it anymore than the old version yet... but I don't hate it either.

Speaking of technology... I have evidence on my street that Google Fiber is coming... and it's exciting. I love that they chose Provo. I can't wait until it comes.

The other day my cousin Travis called me (the one I went and visited in Indiana) because "Purple Rain" came on the radio and he thought of me and had to call. We ended up talking for an hour. We really bonded over my trip. He is the coolest and I wish I lived closer to him. I would hang out with him all the time. He is going to be sending me a picture of his new fish and wants me to help him name it. :) So good to talk to him. Glad he called.

When I went to Mr. Body Builder's house, one thing he did have going for him... was an incredible view from his house. I love a good view. It's just beautiful scenery. Maybe one day I will have a beautiful view... of something. Right now, I guess I have a nice view of the mountain because we are right at the bottom of it.

Speaking of Mr. Body Builder... I can't believe what a hit that story was. Within 24 hours of posting, that blog post got 250 hits! I mean... I know it was entertaining. I was literally laughing on my way home from his house because I couldn't believe what happened and I couldn't wait to write and tell everyone about it. This got me thinking though... I already wanted to write a book about my dating life one day. However, I was going to wait to write it when I met my husband and it would just be for me and my family to read. After seeing how many people love reading about my guy stories, and talking to my sister about it, I think I just want to write it now. Still being single, ending the book with the things I have learned and the experiences have made me who I am and I am ok... even though I'm still single. My sister even said she would help me. I think people would read it. Obviously people like my stories. So I'm trying to decide which of my guy stories I should include. What are your favorites? I need to start gathering my thoughts and get an outline going.

Friday we celebrated my roommate Mackenzie's birthday. I made her a cake and decorated it... like I like to do for birthdays. We also went to Magleby's for dinner and then we came home and watched "The Host". We had both been wanting to see it. It didn't suck... it wasn't amazing. It was a fun night though. I really like Mackenzie and I'm really glad that she moved in. She is fun and chill and I feel like we relate to each other. She's awesome.

Along with her that night's birthday celebrations, she mentioned that she wanted to get a massage. I told her I have been meaning to get a massage for over a year. Pathetic for a massage therapist... I know. So we scheduled them for Saturday at Remedez. I'm so glad we went. I had been needing one so bad. I felt like a million bucks after. In fact, I felt so great that I decided I can't neglect my body any more... and since all of my massage therapist friends are flaky and don't trade with me anymore ... I signed up to get a massage there next month and will continue to schedule appointments every month. I feel good about this decision.

My visiting teacher came yesterday. I have a new visiting teacher. I mean... we were already friends. Erin is the sweetest. Her first time visit teaching me, yesterday, she brought me a cute shirt! Who does that? That is the first time I have ever received clothes as a visiting teaching gift. It's cute too... I'm pretty excited to wear it.

Weight loss update. I lost 3 pounds and an inch and a half since I last weighed in. Not bad... but I really need to get strict and not cheat EVER and start doing more core workouts so I can get tone while I lose my last bit of weight.

We are getting closer to our big Southeast Asia trip. I'm SO excited. We had a little trip planning meeting on Saturday and talked about the things we really wanted to do while we were there. We are each going to become experts on a certain area of our trip... research and then come back and tell the group. I found a place in Northern Thailand where you could own an elephant for a day. It sounds pretty legit. You get to feed them and bathe them and ride them bareback through the jungle to a temple and some waterfall. It is total jungle book style. If you had that opportunity... would you do it? I think it sounds awesome.. but I love animals. Also... any suggestions of what to do in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam are welcome. :) I'm super excited about this trip. Only a little over a month away.

So on Sunday we had stake conference. Usually you have a Saturday night session and then a Sunday Session. Because of the BYU football game, we had two Sunday sessions. I hated it. I don't even care about BYU football... so it made me hate it even more. However, conference was good... just made for a long day with two session and I went to a fireside that night as well.

In other news.... I didn't even mean to, but my toenail polish and my shoes totally matched my top on Sunday. I love dressing up.


flux biota. said...

so jealous of your southeast asia trip. your work must give you amazing vacation time. Once again, totally jealous.

jamie hixon said...

I wish I were going to Thailand with you, I would be singing songs from "The King and I" the whole time. Ok, maybe not, but I hear it is affordable and amazing.

You better hope no potential husbands read that you don't care about "the game"- ha! Just kidding, you can always marry one that does not care about sports AT ALL like mine. We have a great time not caring about everything together.

I need a massage. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Can't wait for your book... have fun picking stories. You know I'm here to help when you get that part done.

Bre said...

I love love love your confessions posts! one big brain dump! I look forward to them every week. PS...you are looking SO SKINNY! You're doing GREAT!