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Monday, September 16, 2013

Michael Jackson ONE

One of the things I did in my spontaneous trip to Vegas this last weekend was go to see the new Michael Jackson ONE Cirque de Soleil show. Last Cirque de Soleil show I saw was also with Lolly... a couple of years ago. We went and saw Beatles LOVE, which I loved... so I had even high expectations with this show because I am such a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. Have been since I was in 3rd grade. I mean, I even through a Michael Jackson birthday party for my friends! Lolly had also never seen it, so we were both super excited to go. We dressed up for a night on the town (my shoes were kind of Michael Jackson style) and headed to the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino theater. We were trying to figure out what was playing in that theater before this show... we finally figured out that it was The Lion King... which I also saw there.

We got to the theater and got all kinds of excited. All of the people working at the theater dressed in different Michael Jackson outfits.

I loved checking out how they decorated the theater to honor Michael Jackson. There were dance silhouettes on the walls. A series of pictures of Michael doing the moonwalk. One of my favorites... the wallpaper, it was all of his song titles in different fonts. What an awesome idea!

The show was awesome. They had a good mix of Michael Jackson's music through the years... even a little bit of his young MOTWON. It was visually stunning as an Cirque de Soleil show is with lots of amazing stunts... but on top of that, what makes this show different from others is that they include a lot of Michael Jackson style dancing along with the acrobatics. It's awesome! Lolly and I both agreed that one of our favorite parts of the show was when the stage was dark and people were dancing with lights on their suits. They did some neat tricks and dances with this. It was seriously awesome. Throughout the show I just kept saying... WOW!! ha ha. I don't know how else to describe it. All I can say is I loved it and am SO glad that we went.

Then of course you have to take pictures next to the display outside. Lolly and I have learned from past shows and concerts... EVERYONE wants to do that after the show and it gets all kinds of crowded. We decided to do it before the show this time, that way we could just peace out after the show. We are learning. It was a good move. :) Anyway... if you are going to spend anytime in Vegas, and you like or love Michael Jackson's music, go see this show! You won't regret it. Plus, Cirque de Soleil shows are always a good idea. Seriously. Thanks Lolly for another great night out on the crazy town of Vegas!


jamie hixon said...

Now THERE is the review I was looking for. Ha. That looks so rad. I know I just went to Vegas, but I seriously want to go back just to see this and Love. Of course, I am very glad we saw Le Reve and Penn & Teller... I guess I just want to see it all. ;)

T-Ray said...

You and me both Jamie. I know mom does too.... it would be fun to take a girls trip one day...

Kel said...

WOW. yeah, I woulda said that the whole time too.