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Monday, September 2, 2013

So I rescued a Muskrat

We have this ward facebook page. It get's posted on a lot. I typically don't check it a lot... but during my nightly routine of checking my email & facebook while sitting in bed... winding down to go to bed, I checked the ward facebook page...

On that page, my dear friend Mary had posted for help. A Muskrat somehow got in her window well and she needed help getting it out. I saw that she didn't have any replies of people going to help her, so I wrote her and said I was on my way. So I got out of bed, grabbed some shoes and my snow shovel and a box and headed over to Mary's house. When I got there, I looked at the Muskrat and looked at my box. I had COMPLETELY underestimated the size of the muskrat in the picture. The Muskrat was the size of the box that I had brought. It was laughable really. In my defense... I had never seen a muskrat before except swimming in the pond at the park by my house from a distance.

Thankfully, Mary had a bucket. We formulated a plan. We decided that we needed rope, so I went back home and found some rope and came back. We tied the rope to the handle of the bucket and lowered the bucket into the window well. We had the bucket tipped over and I corned the muskrat into the bucket with the snow shovel. It was the perfect plan and that plan worked. We got it into the bucket and then lifted the bucket up. He was still big enough to get out of the bucket, so I had to keep him in with the snow shovel while Mary lifted the bucket up. We got the bucket out of the window well and then the muskrat was free. It walked away. It hid behind a bush for a little while and then it came back out and walked up to us, stopped and then walked the other way. I'm pretty sure he was saying thank you. He was a little scared while we were rescuing him, but he was not a hostile muskrat.

It was a fun little act of service at midnight. Mary and I handled it like bosses. We didn't need a man's help. We formed a plan and the plan worked. There was no screaming involved... just a little bit of giggling and taking pictures. It was fun actually. I have always liked animals... and I like spending time with Mary, so it was a win win.

You are welcome Oscar (this is what we named the muskrat). I hope you live a long and happy muskrat life free of window wells.


Lynette Mills said...

Ha ha

Lil Lizzie said...

i love this story

flux biota. said...

LOL! This is hilarious!

jamie hixon said...

This post reminded me of the song "Didn't he Ramble." Harry Connick Jr. sings it. It is about a muskrat. It is random. That is a hilarious experience.