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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 188

I have been reading the 5 Love Languages book. My old roommate, Sarah, gave it to me for Christmas and I am just getting around to reading it. I"m enjoying it. It is good information even though I'm not married. I'm almost done with the book, but I still haven't figured out what my love language is. I thought it would be obvious to me... but it's not.

They just put the second season of New Girl on Netflix... guess that will tie me over for a couple of days while I still look for a new show. I also watched the entire season of The Aquabats Super Show... surprisingly. It is pretty silly... but I guess I was so blown away that they had a show that it kept me watching. Plus they hold a sentimental place in my heart. ha ha.

I didn't weigh myself again this week, so I don't know exactly how much I have lost... but I can tell you this, every pound that I lose I feel like makes a difference. I just feel more and more skinny everyday. I see pictures of myself and am just amazed because I never thought I would be this thin.... like ever. It feels great. I also signed up my second client this week to be a health coach to. My roommate. :) I'm excited that someone else in my house will understand my journey. Also one less person to put out tempting treats for me. Every week they have a conference call where they focus on one healthy habit for this program. This week they talked about yo yo dieting and my health coach had me get on the call and share my story. Even if people are not listening live, they record the call and people can call in and listen to it later. I wasn't sure what I should say, but I guess a lot of people related to me and loved my story. I guess one more reason why I should feel good about becoming a health coach. :)

We have been having a crazy amount of fruit flies lately. They are SO annoying and harder to kill because they are so small and there are so many of them. We got fed up with them. I saw on Pinterest to put out a bowl with Apple Cider Vinegar and some soap and poke holes in the lid or covering and then overnight you have killed many fruit flies. We decided to give it a shot. Turns out... it works! So if you are ever having a problem, try this. I have been keeping a tally of how many have died. I think we have 30 or so as of now.

I went out with John again. We went to the park to fly my kite because it was kind of windy out. I was actually pretty excited because I bought this kite like 9 years ago for 97 cents and it still works awesome after all of these years. Plus I am pretty impressed that I have kept it all of this time. Best 97 cents I have ever spent. :)

I have been really wanting to wear fall clothes... but I also don't want to accept that summer is over. At this point... the weather is 50/50 so I can pretty much go either way but this week has been a battle. I think I have gone half and half dressing for fall and summer. I think part of it is that I just wanted to wear some of my new clothes that I had bought over the weekend with Lolly in Vegas.

I pretty much blogged about my weekend in Vegas, but what I didn't tell you is that I got 100% on my sleep quality for the second time. First time was in July. Obviously my weekend get away was much needed.

Obviously I gave my blog a makeover. I needed the change. I gotta keep it cute and trendy. Don't get me wrong, I loved the old look, but I am LOVING the new look. I like the new header a lot... just wish I knew how to make it stretch across the whole top. I even somewhat got my tabs back. Yep... I'm happy with the new look. It is so.... me :)

So sometimes I still get Charlie Horses. I feel like I'm too old for this. Are you ever too old for Charlie Horses? ha ha. I don't know. I know that I got them all of the time in High School... but not a ton as an adult. So I don't know what is up with that. I got a bad one last night. They always come in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping... and then I wake up in pain. No bueno.

Even though my Vegas trip was totally last minute and I didn't even tell anyone I was going... well... I kind of told one of my roommates that I might go. Anyway... I just up and left and ran away from my boy problems to my best friend and did retail therapy. My roommates are so sweet and thoughtful, because even though I didn't tell them I was leaving or when I was coming back, I still came home to this... and it made my day. I felt very loved.

On Friday, my co-workers and I played softball for an hour. I mean... we pretty much just shagged balls. We didn't have enough people to play a game. It was SO fun though... at least for me. Partially because I didn't play any softball this summer because our ward didn't have a team. So I totally missed it. I love softball. I was catching lots of balls, hit almost everything that was pitched to me. So fun. I can't say this very often, but it is one of the few sports that I don't suck at. After playing softball we went out to lunch at Thai Ruby and we were gone from work for about 3 hours which I never complain about. Then it was my bosses birthday so we also had a little party in the conference room with red velvet cake (which I did not eat). Friday was a good day!

Speaking of birthday's... today was my co-worker (Lauren's) birthday. Her treat of choice was Einsteins Beagles. They bought the seasonal pumpkin beagles and pumpkin cream cheese. I had to try one bite of this... you know, since I had never had it before and it IS seasonal. It was pretty good... but when you are not used to eating heavy carbs.... boy... I just felt it in my stomach. It was weird. But that one bite sure tasted good.

Last night I got a call from my dad... asking me where I was on Sunday and why I didn't come to family dinner. We chatted for a little while as he drove to pick up my mom from the airport which her flight had been delayed 5 hours. Then I get another call, this time from my mom around 10:30. Shortly after my dad picked up my mom... the car broke down and they were stuck on the side of the freeway and asked me if I would come and get them. So off I went a few minutes later to go get my parents stranded in Salt Lake. It was a little frustrating trying to find them, but once I did, we just cruised home. Made a little of a late night for all of us. After dropping my parents off in Mapleton, I ended up getting home sometime after 1am. Good thing they have a single daughter with no kids that is a night owl. :) I mean.... regardless of my circumstances... I would have gone to get them. I was just glad I didn't end up going country dancing again because  I wouldn't have been home nor would I have had my phone on me.

At Institute, some of my friends and I had noticed that we were all wearing similar colors that night. We all stood next to each other and realized that together, we created an ombre'. So of course we took a picture, because that's how I roll. Also, I just love my friends. End of story.


Lil Lizzie said...

i miss you

Lynette Mills said...

Thanks again for picking up your stranded parents! I got my car back today, 700 dollars poorer.

MoNiCa! said...

You look good T-rac! And I love that love language book. They have one for singles and also for kids, all the same concept. If I had to guess I would say your love language is words of affirmation and quality time. Those are mine too :) Also, I have been craving Einsteins bagels so now I need to go and try the one you mentioned! mmmmmmm!

jamie hixon said...

I'm glad you got to help Mom and Dad, they have done so much for us- I would jump at the chance to help them. Lucky you!

I would have guessed that your love language was either quality time, acts of service, or words of affirmation. You could be a mix? I am. Isn't there a test you can take in that book?

The only time I've ever had charlie horses is when I am pregnant. They say just to eat a banana before bed or something because charlie horses can be brought on by a lack of potassium or something? If you don't want to mess with food, maybe you can take a vitamin and make sure to stretch before you go to bed.

Lori said...

I just got reading the 5 love languages book too! It is a GOOD one.
Charlie Horses are brought on from a lack of vitamins/minerals.. which I'm guessing with your strict food intake might be easy to miss something. Google it and see what supplements you could take to help stop them- and stretching is always a good thing too :)