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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Trippin Solo

I have a love/hate relationship with road trips by myself. I'm an extrovert... so I always prefer to be with people. There are also benefits to doing it a lone. In the end... I'm always glad I get out of town regardless if I go by myself or with someone.

I made a list of pros and cons to road trippin solo

- Get tired more easily
- Get bored and start talking to myself
- Nobody to switch with if I get tired
- Harder to make a music selection
- Time goes by slower because there is nobody to talk to
- I get SUPER lonely
- Harder to have as much fun when you are by yourself
- Shouldn't be texting while driving (probably shouldn't be taking pictures either... opps)

- Can leave whenever I'm ready
- Don't have to rely on others whether the trip will happen or not (people are flaky)
- I can blast my music as loud as I want and sing my heart out
- Don't have to stop for anyone to go to the bathroom
- It wouldn't be rude to answer the phone if someone calls and wants to talk (which happened)
- I appreciate the nature on the drive more because I have to pay attention to it since there is nobody else to talk to (took all of these pictures on my drive to and from Vegas)
- I can listen to whatever I want without anyone judging me or thinking about what they want to listen to(not that people usually do)
- Since I don't spend much time by myself it forces me to take time to reflect on life

Which is better? Not sure. Probably both are good. Nice to have time to yourself... but I love good conversation. However... regardless of which way you choose, I think it's good for the soul to have a road trip now and again.


jamie hixon said...

Wow, you had a pretty drive! I actually love being alone, as you know... but road tripping alone isn't my favorite. Way to look on the bright side. Oh, and DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!! Phone calls are fine. :)

Lori said...

Great pictures of your pretty drive. And I will repeat Jamie: DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE! I love you to much for me to hear you are doing this!