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Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh Deer!

My day started out so positive. It is my weigh in day... and I was very happy getting off of the scale. Then I went to work and worked out with my favorite instructor, Jeanie.... then when I left work my day took a turn in the opposite direction.

It all happened so fast. I mean... I only have a 5 minute commute to and from work. I was just about to go over the bridge... I switched lanes because the person in front of me was going super slow. I'm singing a long with one of my favorite jams on the radio (blurred lines) going 45 or 50 down the road (I have a little bit of a lead foot) all of the sudden I hear a THUMP! I looked over and a deer had jumped right into my car from behind the business buildings. Why was there are deer there by all the businesses and at 5pm during work traffic. They really are not the smartest animals.

In that split second that I heard and felt the thump, I looked over and looked the deer in the eyes as it flew up into the air. My car stalled a little bit and I decided to pull over. What do you do in this situation? I didn't know... I was also hoping I would never have to find out, but that time came. I looked in my review mirror at the deer on the side of the road to see if it got back up. I saw it try to get up and then fell right back down. I wasn't sure if I killed it or not, but I felt bad... I never wanted to kill a deer. However I was also mad at the deer because even though my car seemed to still be working fine... there is NO WAY you can hit a deer and have no damage to your car. Especially me... driving a ten year old Ford Focus. I didn't know what to do, so I drove home.

As soon as I got home, I got out to inspect my car. Considering the fact that I hit a big deer... the damage could have been a lot worse, but the deer definitely left a dent and a broken headlight. Since I hardly know a thing about cars, my next step was to call my dad. My dad said if I bought my car by tonight he would take a look at it.

Shortly after I hung up with my dad, he called my brother in law, Jess, and told him I had just hit a deer... so it was fresh, in case he wanted it. So my dad called me back and asked me where I hit the deer. Then my dad and Jess went to go pick up the deer that I killed.

After calling my dad, the next logical thing to do was to take a picture and put it on Instagram. ha ha. So that happened.

Then came the concerned text messages from my awesome neighbors. First from Jason. "Are you okay? What animal did you hit?" I told him I was okay and asked how he knew. He told me he walked by my car and he saw the dent and animal hair. ha ha. Gross. Then his roommate Geoff (who probably saw my instagram. He also asked me if I was okay and then sent me the funny YouTube clip that makes me laugh every time about deers crossing at the deer crossing signs. If you have never heard it, listen to it here. So funny.

After eating dinner and watching an episode of Gossip Girl (you can tell I was super concerned), I decided to head to my parents house for my dad to check out the car. I arrive at my parents house. My dad knowing how messed up the deer was when he picked it up and what kind of car I drive... was surprised to see the little amount of damage that was caused to my car. I really was very lucky. I know people who hit a deer and it totaled their car! My dad told me what needed to be fixed... and my niece decided to be of service and wash the deer poop off of my car. Then she just kept going and cleaned all of the bugs off of my bumper too. What a great little helper!

Meanwhile, by the back house... Jess is cutting and gutting the deer that I killed. My niece Reanne is right by his side waiting for her turn to help her dad and cut into the deer as well. PS she is 10, that can't be normal. Jess had never done this by himself... so it was a learning experience. It didn't bother me to watch... but I can't say I would want to do it myself.

Later he called for help from his younger brother, Seth, who has more experience in this process. Plus... who could say no to some brotherly bonding over the gutting of a deer? Their dad would be so proud.

I have to say... I never would have even thought to go back and get that deer so I could have it's meat. An event like this would have never occurred where I grew up... that being said it made me feel better about killing it. At least it was going to use instead of ending up in some dumpster. Right? It also saved me a call to Provo Animal Control. Glad I could provide some Monday night entertainment. Hopefully I don't have to experience this again. I tell ya... rarely a dull moment in my life. OH! I also told Jess that when he cooks up this meat, that he had to call me over to eat some since I killed it. He said "absolutely". He said when he puts the meat in the freezer, that he will label it "Tracy's Deer". I will let you know how it tastes when I eat it. ha ha


Darrell said...

No way! That is so crazy! I'm so sad that your car got banged up. But at least you are going to have great deer meat. call me when you eat some.

Caytlin said...

I love that you're dressed all cute and accessorized with a bloody, disgusting deer carcass next to you :)

Lori said...

Wow Tracy.... Wow. Seriously never a dull moment for you. Hope you can get the dents out of your car, bummer! Glad you are okay!

jamie hixon said...

That looks like something from a zombie movie. If the apocalypse ever DOES happen, I'm moving in with Kristy and Jess. You can bring you car.