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Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Hiking

On Saturday, Allison and I decided to do some hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was supposed to be one of the easiest hikes in Utah.

We got up there a little late since we had a little bit of a late start because of me picking up my fish tank. It was getting dark our entire hike. The hike was supposed to be under 2 miles round trip. We basically thought we would walk to the falls real quick and then come back. But there was nobody on the trail. There were forks in the trail and we didn't see signs for which way we needed to go. We ended up going the wrong way... straight up hill when we realize the directions said it was flat the entire way. We turned back and got on the right path. The sky is getting darker by the minute.

We reach the end of the trail. We DID NOT see the falls anywhere. Where could they have been? We couldn't understand what went wrong. This was supposed to be one of the easiest hikes. The darker it got we new we had to head back instead of continuing to look for the waterfall. We didn't want to end up on an episode of "I Shouldn't be Alive" so we went back... feeling like we failed... big time.

Since we never found the waterfall, I am not labeling the post by the name of the waterfall. Just Winter hiking... that is what happened. We are determined to go back again and find them next time. Leave with a lot more daylight. Oh well. Allison and I still had a blast... we always do.


Kayleigh said...

Were you trying to find donut falls?

Tracy Mills said...

Yes! How did you know?