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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shake It Off Disney Parody - Music Video

Yesterday was film day for the music video. It was an all day thing. We showed up to the park in our costumes with our make up done ready to film. We even had a visit from the Mayor of Provo telling us we looked great and couldn't wait to see the video.

We had a dance sequence with all of the characters, then each movie of characters filmed their own scenes that went along with the song.

I didn't know anyone that was going to be working on this video except RJ who was filming and putting it together and then my friend Becky who was asked to be Meg from Hercules. So I usually hung out with her during our free time. It was nice to have a friend.

It was like Halloween all over again because RJ asked me to be a Lost Boy. That is what I was for Halloween this year.  When I got there and saw all of the other characters... I felt like I was not very important. The entire song is about the princesses vs the villains and I wasn't either one of those. The dance sequence I was one of the people that actually knew how to dance and did the dance well and I was put in the back. A lot of people didn't even know what character I was supposed to be... my big joke is that I will have put in all of these hours into this music video and I will be like Mike in Monsters Inc. My hand will get in the video somewhere and I will be like... oh hey, that was me! ha ha. Who knows how much I will actually be in the video guess we will see when it is all done.

However... I ended up loving my Peter Pan scene. We were jamming out, playing in a band. I was on the bongo drums... which I thought was pretty fun. I thought we all looked good and we had fun together. On top of that, I also made a lot of new friends and I got to get my dance on... which I love and don't do enough of. After we were done filming, we all felt pretty bonded and had a lot of new friends. Had lots of people adding me on Facebook and Instagram. This group was mixed with a variety of ages, people that had never done a video like this (like me) and famous YouTuber's like Stuart Edge and the Dyches Family which I guess has a following on YouTube as well. Monica, which everyone was also calling Taylor Swift because she kind of looks like her... she has been in a church film about bullying and other things AND we were working with the guys that put on Dark Lord Funk. So this is bound to be good right?

I will post the video when it is done!

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jamie hixon said...

Sweet! That anti-bullying videos is one of the best videos the church has done, in my opinion. She was great. I love your little Peter Pan group.