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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 309

Another week of Winter gone and we are now into February! Woot woot. I am dreaming of Summer. Until then, I am trying to plan lots of little trips out of the cold to help me survive. Right now I am in California, so I am on the right track... but we will get to that.

After the fun yurt trip I went straight back to work.. well, I showered first, and then worked late into the night for quarter end.

Saturday, instead of going on an outdoor adventure as I usually do, since I just went on with the yurt, I helped my parents and sister clean out and sort through (at least got a start) on my Grandma's house.  It is kind of weird and sad to go through someone's else's stuff once they are gone. I have done it once before with my mom after her mom passed away. I only helped one day, but it's kind of a weird thing. At the same time, pretty neat to find some stuff or run into other things that you have memories of. It was nice that we all got to do it together.

My cousin just had her 9th baby a week or so ago. So crazy, but she is the coolest and I love her family. They live in Southern California and the OC Family magazine interviewed them for their magazine. Her family even made the front cover!! How awesome it that? They are the coolest.

Monday I finally sold my chaise lounge. One step closer to being able to buy something new and redecorate my living room. I don't think it will be hard to sell my other one.

Still watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Funny show. My roommates and I finished watching Bachelor Australia. I loved it. I want to watch another season.

Dance Fitness class aka U-Jam is back and I couldn't be more thrilled. I missed dancing every week. So fun. Now if only I could get more people to come to the class.

My new tires are AMAZING. There was a big snow storm over the weekend and they didn't plow the roads all day and I drove around in it and it wasn't even a big deal! My car handled it like a champ! Happy about that. I just hate how expensive tires are.

Had a hot chocolate "date" with a guy I met on Tinder that is new in town. We had a nice chat and decided we would be good friends and will probably hang out again. Cool guy. Definitely nothing ever more than a friend though.

I was supposed to go with my boss and her family to the Provo City Temple Open house yesterday during my lunch break because she had an extra ticket. I didn't dress up though because I didn't know if I was still going or not and I wanted to go to the gym.... but I REALLY wanted to go to the open house. So I went online to check to see if I could get tickets at some point so I wouldn't feel bad about not going with my boss. Turns out I could get some for right after work. So I got 4 tickets in case my roommates wanted to come as well. MacKenzie and Leslie both wanted to go so we went right after work and I didn't have to be an odd one out hanging out with my bosses family (not that I wasn't welcome) Gorgeous temple... but I will blog about that later.

Today I flew to Oakland to meet up with my friend Allesandra from Switzerland. She and her friend Debbie couch surfed at my house back in the Spring and Allesandra was already back for a visit and asked me if I wanted to so some exploring with her in Cali. Of course I said yes. I have never seen anything north of San Fran, so Iam excited to explore some new scenery. She is a cool girl so I'm sure we will have an awesome trip.

It was Groundhogs day the other day. I never believe in that stuff, but every year someone hosts a party to watch the movie which I get a little bit sick of. This year.... lucky me, my roommate hosted one. So there were a bunch of people over watching the movie. There was a perk to this even though.... it wasn't having Groundhogs Day the movie being played at and everyone quoting it. It wasn't having a bunch of loud people at my house. It wasn't the mess of having a party.... it was the fact that my roommate made pancakes in the shape of Groundhogs and I ate one with her homemade syrup and it was very tasty.

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jamie hixon said...

Ok, that pancake is hilarious. And I've only seen that movie like three times, but I think it is pretty well written. I like it. Of course, anything can get old.

I saw the Wisharts thing online, I thought that was pretty cool. Sometimes I get jealous of people with big families.