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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 311

It has warmed up to 40's 50's!!! Feels like Spring and it's still only February. So great. I hope it keeps this way....it probably won't, but a girl can hope right? It made it not so bad to come back to after being in 80's in California over the weekend. That was SO nice. My plan to leave to warmer weather during winter as often as possible to help me get through it has been working. Winter hasn't seemed so bad...and when I am in it I can enjoy snowshoeing.

I think I have covered my weekend pretty well in previous posts. Being in Southern California this last weekend was heaven. The drive there in my Grandma's tiny car was interesting... but we survived it. It was so fun to spend time with my cousins Lisa and Dave. I slept at Lisa's house and we got caught up AND I got to hold her new born baby (#9 of her kids) Emma who is the most precious beautiful little baby. I love babies. I was in heaven. Lisa also had me drinking the most Diet Mt. Dew that I think I have ever consumed in one weekend. Ha! We are so alike. While is why we are starting our diet together again next week. I'm excited and not at the same time. If I can get through the first week, I think I will be able to keep going. Just so hard to change at first and cut out sugar. OH how I wish I didn't love sugar so much. ugh. The next day my Grandma's Memorial service was very sweet. I miss her. It's hard to say goodbye to someone you love so much. I am so glad I was able to attend the service though. It was beautifully done. It was nice to spend a couple of days at home in Santa Barbara. Sometimes I forget how much I miss being there until I go back and visit. It was nice to hang out with Lori and her family since I don't get to see them much and it was fun to spend a little time with my good friend Veda. I also loved having a 4 day weekend. 2 in a row! I spent more time in California in the past 2 weeks than I have in Utah. I don't hate that. Love both states so much. Both are home now.

Tuesday it was back at work, however I did get to leave early because I had an appointment for a check up on my car which I have to do where I bought my car because it's free, but that is in Layton and the don't take appointments past 4:30 which means I get to leave work at 3. :) It's not a fun reason to leave early though. I hate being in traffic going home, however, I DID get an AMAZING sunset on the way home. Utah Winter sunsets are seriously the best.

Wednesday I went and got a pedicure after work. It had been a long time and my feet needed it. I know... it's a high maintenance thing, but they do such a better job than I do myself. My feet get so rough with all the hiking I do and such.

Wednesday I was also introduced to someone at work, Leo. I didn't know who he was because we don't correspond at work, but he is visiting from our office in Brazil and came up to talk to someone on the orders team which I'm now part of that team since they made all the changes. My boss introduces us because I had just gone to Brazil and made me show him my video (a little bit of an embarrassing introduction to someone) and then told us we should do one. I'm not sure if he really wants to or not, but he agreed to it. So my weekend plans have just been made for me. Hanging out with a guy from Brazil that I just barely met. Should be interesting. Hopefully he is cool.

Did I mention already that I got my taxes done? I'm always happy when I get that out of the way. My refund will pretty much be the same, which is fine. What throws me off now when I do my taxes is when we switched over to Attachmate (before Micro Focus) I didn't change my insurance or my plan in anyway and I was defaulted to this health savings account, which I didn't realize. My boss (at the time) told me it was a good thing and I should keep it, so I have, but I don't use it. Anyway... it's been a pain with my taxes the last couple of years and I'm not sure why. I figured it out though and it's done and I'm getting money back, so that is pretty much all I care about.

I guess that is it for this week. It flew by with the long weekend. I also tend to keep myself pretty busy, which is a good thing. I hate just sitting at home all of the time. Although I like it at least once a week because that is when my roommate MacKenzie and I hang out and catch up on all of our shows. It's our thing and I enjoy it.

Another week of Winter done. Another week where it is staying lighter a little bit later. YEA!!! I can feel Spring around the corner and I am ready!

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jamie hixon said...

I'm glad your winter hasn't sucked. :)