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Monday, February 22, 2016

When Tracy met Leo

It was just an average Wednesday at the office. I was working, had my headphones on and was sucked into "How to Make a Murder". All of the sudden, I hear my boss calling my name from across the room. I go over to her to see what she needs.

Boss: "Leo, this is Tracy. She just went to Brazil in December. Tracy, show him your Brazil video"

Me: "What an embarrassing introduction" but I do what I'm told and we pull up my Brazil video on the computer so Leo can watch and laugh at me who he just met and knows nothing about.

Leo then asks me questions about where I went and this and that.

Boss: (talking to Leo) "Ok, since Tracy made a video in Brazil, YOU should make a video while you are here"

Leo: "Ummm.... I'm not much of a dancer"

Boss: "Oh, who cares, it would be so fun."

Both of us not thinking she is serious just laugh.

Boss: "Leo, what are your plans Friday night?"

Leo: "I don't have any"

Boss: "Perfect! Tracy, do you have plans Friday night?"

Me: "Umm, nope, I don't have any plans yet".

Boss: "Perfect, you both are going to leave at 2:30 on Friday. I'll show Duane (Leo's boss) the Brazil video and tell him that is why you guys need to leave early on Friday. He will be fine with it"

There is something about her that people just do what she tells them to do. So apparently this is happening. I don't know if Leo and I are excited to make a video, but I'm excited to leave early on Friday to go play outside and Leo is excited to see some of Utah because so far, all he has seen is the office and downtown Provo where his hotel is. I also didn't mind the fact that Leo was pretty cute. Yeah... I'll spend time with him.

Are you wondering who Leo is and where he came from and why he was here? Yep, me too. I wasn't given any of this information. He was just introduced to me and then we were assigned to spend time together and make a video. He had a British accent, so I thought maybe he was coming from our office in England, but had just spent time in Brazil. I wasn't sure.

Thursday comes and I am trying to think of where I can take him. Did he bring hiking clothes? I'm not sure of anything, so I find him on the work instant messenger and send him a message saying... Hey! I'm the one that is taking you around tomorrow, did you bring hiking clothes? Just trying to plan for tomorrow. He responds saying he would love to hike and asked me if I had plans that night. I said no. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. I said yes. So we had a date for dinner that night.

So later that night we went to Guru's for dinner. This is when I found out his story. He is 30 and single. He grew up in Brazil. He works in our office in Sao Paulo. He was hired 6 months ago so he came out to meet people and for training. He has always loved English and wanted to learn and become fluent, so he lived in England for 3 years... which is why he has the British accent. I don't cover Brazil at work, which is why I had never even heard of him and never would have met him if it were not for my boss throwing us together. I also learned that we had a TON in common. We hit it off right away. We both love to travel, we love couch surfing and hostels and meeting new people and seeing new places. He is funny and sarcastic and we laughed through dinner and had so much to talk about, so we continued the conversation up at the view point by the Y. He hadn't been anywhere but work since he got to Utah (which is also his first time to the USA) and had not had anyone to hang out with, so he was very grateful. He was a blast, so it was my pleasure. We decided to commit to this video and tried to pick a song that night and couldn't choose.

Friday morning I woke up to a text from Leo. He had chosen a song for our video. I went to work excited to be done so I could leave early and explore with Leo. After hitting it off and having such a great night the night before, we were both excited to spend more time together.

We filmed the first part of our video in the office with co-workers. Then I took him up to Bridal Veil Falls. After that we went to Utah Lake to watch the Sunset... and boy did we get a beautiful one! Then after that the Provo City Temple. After all of that excitement we were hungry so we went out to dinner. Then back up to the view point. We were still not done hanging out so we went to my house to hang out. We talked and laughed for hours. I loved spending time with Leo. Kissing may or may not have happened.

We were having so much fun together that we decided to spend Saturday together as well.... until he had to be at the airport to fly back to Brazil anyway. We went out to Breakfast, I took him to Sodalicious, I took him up Big Cottonwood Canyon and then I took him to the airport. He kissed me goodbye and then that was it. We had only spent a few days together, but I was going to miss spending time with Leo. Who knows when or if I will see him again. I guess he will probably come back to the office at some point in the future.... and I have an invitation to stay with him Brazil if I ever decided to and he would take me around. Guess time will tell. I didn't think I would see Alessandra again so soon after hosting her and Deb in the spring. All I know is... Leo wasn't super excited to be in Utah because he didn't think there was anything to do and he was bored up until we got pushed together. Now he is excited to come back and explore more of Utah. So I did my job right.

What a random, spontaneous, fun and eventful weekend. I didn't see it coming, but I'm sure glad it did. And THAT is the story of when Tracy met Leo.

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jamie hixon said...

HAHAha "Kissing may or may not have happened." That sounds like a romantic comedy. Like, for REAL. Except if it were a romcom you would have ended up married at the end or something. Ha.