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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Couch Surfing - Take 5

This couch surfing post relates to my last couch surfing post. Let me tell you why...

In April I hosted 2 cute girls from Switzerland. I thought they were awesome and hoped we would hang out again some day... but since they live in Switzerland I wasn't sure that would ever happen. We kept in touch through Facebook and Instagram with our love of traveling and photography. For my birthday they even sent me a video of them dancing to the Beatles birthday song in the wilderness of Switzerland. Awesome girls.

I was more than thrilled when Alessandra wrote me and told me she was coming back to the US and asked if I wanted to meet up with her in Northern California to explore. I of course said yes and bought a plane ticket.... and here we are. She is a pleasure to travel with. We have been having a blast. 

That brings us to our next Couch Surfing post. We stayed with a couple different couch surfers on our little trip. These students from the University of Merced were our first couch surfers. They were so welcoming and so fun. We had a blast chatting about life and each others hopes and dreams. Such great guys. 

I'm telling you, I have only had great experiences from couch surfing. They loved that Alessandra and I met from me hosting her and are now traveling together. It's a great couch surfing story. I'm sure I will have more couch surfer stories to come.

                                                    *2 more roommates not pictured*

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jamie hixon said...

Awesome! I'm glad they are the opposite of murderers.