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Friday, February 5, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

On Wednesday I finally got the opportunity to walk through this unique and gorgeous temple.

I was really excited for this temple. Not only is it going to be my new temple (the one I attend because it is in my district) but it also has a lot of meaning for me. The Provo Tabernacle, before it became the temple is where I graduated from Tech school. I went to many stake conferences there and even some concerts. Crazy to think that years later it would have been accidentally burned down and then turned into a temple.

The tabernacle was really pretty, so I was really happy to see that they kept the model and feel of the tabernacle when designing this temple. Everything was so unique and beautiful and vintage looking... even then exit signs! We walked through just as the sun was setting so you could see the sun shine through all of the stained glass and it was stunning. The temple is quite small even though they added a basement to it... but it is very beautiful and unique to any other temple.

What a great experience to walk through with my roommates. So thankful that it is SO close to me.

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jamie hixon said...

Wow, that is really gorgeous! I love the look of that building, and it sounds amazing on the inside. I would love to visit and go inside.