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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 318

Now that it is starting to warm up outside, it's freezing in the office. Can't win. Good thing I keep a blanket at work. Another reason why I miss my office, I could shut my door and let the sun heat up my office. I miss those days.

My right ear has been ringing all night. I don't even know why. It's annoying.

On Sunday the power went out in all of Provo and Orem for about 4 hours. Stacey had text me asking about it while I was at my parents house, so I knew what was going on before I got home, but driving home was so creepy. The power was on everywhere up until the street that I turn on to get to my house, everything beyond that was dark and black. It's a big city to have no power... so imagine at night with an entire cities lights out. It was pretty crazy. I got to my house and my roommate had put tea candles on little plates all over the kitchen and living room so we could see. In the basement... thankfully I have candles in every room anyway... because I like candles, so I just lite all of them. I don't do that very often. I was surprised how much that lit up the basement. It was kind of fun. It was quite, no distractions, low lighting. To pass the time I practiced my guitar. Perfect time to do it. My ward had an entire conversation about it on facebook  and everyone was making jokes. Everyone had nothing else to do. Amazing how the power going out leaves you with not much to do... at night anyway, During the day, who cares, I would rather be outside anyway, but at night... Most of my projects are on the computer. My laptop has battery so I could have still been on my computer except with no power, there is no internet. Oh well. I thought it was pretty fun.

I got my Ukulele in the mail this week. I just need to tune it and look up some songs online and learn the chords and I am in business. I'm excited. It's a very summertime instrument.

I took my huge pile of crap to DI this week. That felt good. I'm sure there is still more I can get rid of. I just haven't gone though everything yet. For the basement I have bought a new coffee table and side table/shelf.... now I have bought a new bookshelf with my other Amazon gift card... so when that comes, maybe I will go through my books next.

My visiting teachers don't really come, but they dropped by cookies. I shouldn't have eaten them, but I did... oh well. I also got sucked into buying Girls Scout cookies this year.... there are a few boxes just sitting in my pantry, unopened. They have been there for a couple of weeks. Good will power on my part right? Also, I'm not sure why everyone spells my name with an e... but they do.

I drove up to Salt Lake yesterday to get my lashes filled. I hate driving up to Salt Lake after work. Work traffic is so stupid. I can understand the traffic from construction going on... but I almost got in an accident because someone just slammed on their breaks when we were all going pretty fast on the freeway. They probably just weren't paying attention... so I was SO close to running into them and the person behind me was SO close to running into me. It was close enough to scare me and then piss me off. There was no reason for it. Ugh.

Still working out, still dieting. I am getting to comfortable with eating treats... so I need to work on that, but I did lose another 3 lbs. So I guess that is 3 lbs closer to my goal weight. I guess I should be happy as long as I am not gaining, but I know I have so far to go that I want it to come off FAST! Ha ha. I am joining the 10,000 step challenge at work next week, so I will do the gym on my lunch break and then walk/jog after work every day. Hopefully this will help me lose some more weight. Hopefully it will  help me get in a good habit after the challenge is over too. More walking would be really good for me since I have a desk job. And just prepare me to be in better shape for summer hiking.

General Conference was so great. It was especially great because I had no problem streaming AT ALL this time. I soaked it all in. The closing talk by Elder Holland was amazing. Best closing talk. In between sessions on Sunday I hammocked at the park in the sunshine. It felt SO great and I plan to do a lot more of that with nice weather. So relaxing. Love it. Great uplifting and relaxing weekend.

Been having BAD allergies this week. It's that time of year. I have never bought medication because it only lasts a week and then goes away and I have never really known what allergy medicine to buy. But why be miserable for a week if you don't have to? My co-worker Cassie gave me a pill called Allertec and it was a miracle pill. My allergies stopped right away and didn't come back... until the next day when it was just a tiny bit and that was all. I'm sold. I need to go to Costco and buy some to have on hand when I do get allergies twice a year.

Had to take my car in for a recall. I'm still not exactly sure what they did... but better safe than sorry. My windshield wipers were crap too, so while they were working on the car, I just had them fix that as well. No biggie. It didn't take long and it was a nice experience. It's amazing how going to a car dealership is such a better experience when you aren't trying to buy a car. :)

Went to dinner and a movie with Amber on Saturday. I had a little bit of a depressing week from spending so much time by myself and having a heavy work load. So went and saw "Hello, my name is Doris". Sally Field was the lead and played an awkward older single lady who was a hoarder and falls in love with a younger man (who just looks at her as a friend). It is awkward and hilarious and I laughed probably more than anyone else in the theater. Which is what I needed. We had both never heard of this movie though and I would probably never watch it again, but I was entertained. As far as shows go that I have been watching. I finished watching "The People vs. OJ Simpson" which just made me mad that he got away with murder and the Jury was so blinded by his fame. I am all caught up on "When Calls the Heart" which yes, I have to stay current by watching on Couch Tuner. Then I started watching Ally McBeal... it's ok so far. It's kind of a quirky show. She is a weird character. We will see how much of it I watch.

Management has been switched around again and I now have a new boss. We were each individually called in her office so that my previous manager could introduce me and tell my new manager about me and my strengths and weaknesses. I was very impressed how well she knows me in the short amount of time she has been my manager. They are both awesome and fun and my attitude has changed over the last 9 months about being part of this team now. Of course I don't like everyone... but I don't have to either. I have made a few friends and that is never a bad thing. It makes coming to work that much more enjoyable when you enjoy people that you work with. I'm happy that I am comfortable being me at work... and that people like me the way I am.... even though I can be quite sassy sometimes.

I love my cousins. Dave and Heather thought of me while in Hawaii. They took this picture and sent it to me while they were there. How sweet. I felt honored that people think of me when they hammock.

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jamie hixon said...

Sassy? You? ;)

Never heard of Hello My Name is Doris- but I would totally watch it. Picturing you laughing it up in a theater full of not laughing people is delightful.

Dan has been playing that Pixar Lava song a lot- you should do that one. It isn't very many chords, and it is pretty repetitive. I have a book of Beatles and Elvis ukulele songs that I like.

Weird about the power outage. We haven't had anything like that happen in a long time. Makes you realize how dependent we are on technology for our day to day life.