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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday to Irelyn

Keeping the birthday tradition alive, I drove up to Salt Lake to take Irelyn out for her birthday treat with Aunt Tracy. Just like Reanne, I was a couple of weeks late, but that mostly had to do with her Grandma Di Di being in town. 

Last year, Irelyn wanted frozen yogurt for her birthday treat. This year... she wanted a pink cupcake. She has turned into all things girly. Most Sunday's she comes to my parents house in some princess dress. It's pretty cute.  So I took her to "The Chocolate" to pick out a cupcake. Thank goodness they had a pink cupcake (vanilla with strawberry frosting) otherwise she might have been pretty disappointed. 

She was chatting and climbing everywhere she could find in between taking little bites out of her little cupcake. It's pretty cute to listen to her talk about life and all of her many facial expressions that go along with all of her thoughts and feelings about different things. We had a fun little outing. Happy Birthday Irelyn. You are growing up too fast and I sure love you a lot.


Lynette Mills said...

She is a talker isn't she! I'm always amused at her conversation skills.

jamie hixon said...

So cute! You are the sweetest.