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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Redecorating the Living Room

My living room in the basement has been decorated the same for the last 5 years or so. It was inspired by my trip to India. I loved it... especially loved how unique it was... but I was ready for a change. Side note, while searching for my old images of my living room online... expecting to just come across my blog in the image search I found that pictures of my living room are posted on a  few different websites and I had no idea until just now. I guess people don't need your permission to do that? One of them sited my blog but the others didn't. Whatever. Here is what the living room used to look like.

Now I'm not doing a FULL makeover to the room, a lot of the main stuff is staying the same, but I have been switching things out here and there. I'm not going to give you a picture of the entire room because it isn't done, but I wanted to show you bits and pieces so far.  I have obviously changed the look by going more neutral and taking out a lot of the colors. Question now is... do I get a new couch? I was looking at a charcoal grey one. Do I take the decals off of the wall? Do I get any additional seating? Or will that look too crowded? When I feel like the room is complete, I will post a final picture... so far I like the changes I have made but I do feel a little bit stuck of how I want to complete the look.

Got rid of my old book shelf and got this one. I love the look of this one even though it doesn't hold as much as my old bookshelf did.

Did away with the colored pillows (well, they are all still there, just covered with these new cases... except for the fur one) and went neutral.

Got a coffee table. Not 100% sure on the table runner... just testing it out, might just like the plain wood better. Oh and a new rug... which I am in love with. Thank you RugsUSA for my 80% discount on Cyber Monday.

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jamie hixon said...

I like that rug-- and good for you for switching things up. I need to re-do some rooms in my house MAJOR TIME but right now I'm just focusing on purging.