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Monday, April 4, 2016

Insta Fame

Last Summer I changed the way I Instagram. Not a lot... because I always like taking pictures of natures beauty... but I decided to make that the theme of my Instagram, and target a certain audience. I also learned to true purpose of hashtags and how to help others find my photography.

People make fun of people like me who do this... using all the hashtags (which I don't love and I like that I can now hide them) and caring about the content about which I Instagram. However... I entered a pretty awesome community when I decided to do this. There are a lot of really cool people in Utah. A lot of people who love to explore Utah's great outdoors and share it with others. I now have Instagram friends that I have never met, but I feel like they are my friends because of the way we have supported each other on Instagram. Maybe that sounds weird to you... but since my following has grown and I have made more Instagram friends, I have discovered lots of cool places in Utah I didn't know about, I have gotten a free me (for me and Stacey), gotten free hammocks, was invited to Havasupai this summer when I couldn't get through to reserve myself and all the spots were reserved for the entire season, and discovered some great new products... like my hammock and my new rumpl.  It has been awesome and continued to surprise me in a great way. I can't wait to see what other opportunities come my way as I continue to get more followers.

Another cool thing is being recognized for your great photography. I always feel so honored when my picture is picked out of the many to be featured on different accounts.

Here are some of the accounts that I have been featured on. The more likes I have on the picture... that shows how big their following is on their account.

I didn't even think this one was that great, but I was still happy to be featured.

Then you can tell which of your pictures are REALLY good when multiple accounts feature the same picture.

The winner of most popular photo (for others to feature) is my hammock at Burney Falls.

Even though Stacey is my friend and my photo's are not being "featured" on his account. Whenever he tags me in pictures... which has been a handful of times, I always get a bunch of new followers. Why? Because he is a mini celebrity. So people stalk me by association. I mean... I must be cool if I'm friends with him right? I think that is what his followers think.


jamie hixon said...

You are an InstaStar! :) Also Stacey is hilarious #SayNoToDrugs #SayYesToCheese? Hilarity.

I love your instagram account too. I hate hashtags- but I get it. I think it is cool to do hashtags in the comments like you have started to do because it is less cluttered.

jamie hixon said...

PS One of my friends in High School used to say, "Be polite! Say 'No thank you' to drugs."

http://whitsblog.com/2015/07/ said...

Those pictures are just ridiculously good.

Lynette Mills said...

Very cool tracy