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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 320

So Prince died today. So weird that all of these big celebrities have been dying lately. Also weird that my fish, Purple Rain, died so soon before Prince did. Coincidence? You can decide.

Today I was coming back from the gym on my lunch break and about to get on the elevator. The door opened and there was a guy inside. He wasn't coming off the elevator... just stalling there. I started to wonder what was going on. He started to slowly back out of the elevator and I looked at his face and he seemed to have a weird look on his face... confused? Unsure about something? I don't know. He finally gets all the way out and starts to walk away and I walk in feeling very suspicious of what was happening. As soon as I walked in the elevator and the doors closed I should have guessed what happened. He farted in the elevator and now the smell was trapped in there and so was I. Gross! I don't know why people haven't caught on at work yet that smells stay trapped in the elevator for a VERY long time. If a smoker just came back from their smoke break, that smell lingers for a long time. If someone has bad body oder THAT smell lingers for a long time... so if you decide to fart in the elevator, that too is going to linger for a long time. Aren't they embarrassed by that? I would be, but I would never do that in public... like ever. Yuck. Hopefully the people that got on after me didn't think that I did it.

I have been walking (and a little bit of jogging) after work everyday to get my 10,000 steps in. Usually my roommate MacKenzie has been going with me, which has been nice. Makes the 3 miles go by faster when you have someone to talk to. Today she couldn't, but on my way out I ran into my friend Daniel who I hadn't talk to or hung out with in a while and asked him if he wanted to come, so he did. That was nice. He has been such a dear friend over the last few years. I mean... we don't hang out or talk that much, but he is one that I know always cares and I could go to him for anything if I wanted to and he would be there. If only I could convince him to go on another trip with me... we shall see. I'm working on him. He isn't opposed, I just have to get him to commit. :)

I learned another new song... this time on the guitar and not the ukulele. It is a song called "5 foot 3" and it is my favorite song by the band Flannel Graph... the ones that I saw at the BYU radio station with Stacey. Anyway... I learned it on the guitar and I can play and sing at the same time which is really hard for me to do, so even though it's an easy song, I am going to pat myself on the back for it. Maybe I will record it and post it on here. I don't really do that... but maybe I will start. We will see.

I'm still watching Ally McBeal. That show is weird and a half. I'm pretty over it... but you know how I am... I have to see it through until the end (if I know there is an end) I'm on season 4 so I just have to finish this season and I have one more season to go.  Meanwhile... I am still keeping up on all of my other shows, but the one I am still super hooked on is "Catfish". Not only that but I got my roommates hooked on it too. It is just so interesting...plus I just love the guys that do the show. MacKenzie and I are getting a big crush on Nev. Not ashamed to admit my TV crushes. I became social media friends /pen pals with Morgan from "The Travel Bug" maybe I will reach out to Nev too. ha ha. We shall see. I did start following his page on Facebook though and it made me like him even more because he puts out a lot of positive messages... especially to women to love themselves for who they are and not get caught up on outward appearances. What a great guy. Just trying to be a positive influence on the world. It's respectable.

So I wrote all about my adventure to the Sun Tunnels. I had so much fun making new friends. What a fun group. I was most festinated by John, the Deaf guy that came. He is the sweetest. I was also SUPER impressed by him. He has been deaf since he was 2 because of getting sick and being allergic to the medication the doctors gave him but not knowing. However... he didn't learn sign language until his mission his friends told me. That blew me away. How do you go through life with no language. He was AMAZING at reading lips and could talk a little bit. He told me that he read a lot of books. Anyway... super cool guy, I am excited to hang out with him again and in the meantime, I have been learning basic sign language on YouTube so that I can hopefully communicate with him a little better next time we hang out. Hopefully I can learn from him too, but he mostly just reads lips with people he hangs out with. Although these friends... were really good about learning sign and including him in all the conversation. Really cool. I hope to be spending more time with all of them. I always wanted to learn sign language too, so maybe this is now my excuse.

I had a date on Monday with a guy that I met online. He lives in Sandy, so we met for dinner in the middle. We talked for 3 hours... so I would call that a good date. I told him after that I had fun and he wrote back telling me he had fun too... but then I haven't heard anything since. I wish I could tell what people were thinking sometimes. This is why I don't put stalk into anyone until not only we have met in person... but gone on a few dates at least... then I can start thinking of them as potential. Until then, I don't assume anyone is going to stick around. It's sad, but true. Who knows... maybe I will hear from him again and we will hang out, but I'm not holding my breathe. It's fine, I had fun, but it's not like he was amazing.

Tonight after my walk, I went to the Food Truck Roundup by myself. I just didn't feel like eating another salad. That is all I eat for lunch and dinner every day. It was time for a change. Plus I love the roundup. I just try not to go anymore because it's expensive and not healthy. It's ok every once in a while though. So I went. It was so nice outside, it seemed like a good activity to do. No regrets.

Other than that... I have just been working and exercising every day. Nothing too exciting. That and enjoying all of the blossoms. My favorite trees are all in bloom right now, they are always the last ones to bloom, but they are beautiful and they smell the best. I just want to hammock under them and take in the smell. Thankfully my allergies are dying down as well. those are a pain. That was me week. Until next week!

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jamie hixon said...

Ok, you blogged about some dude farting in the elevator. HAHAHA... gross!

I've wanted to learn sign language too. It seems like it would be easier than a foreign language, because it is almost like learning choreography for a word.