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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sun Tunnels

I have a long list of places in Utah that I want to see. A lot of them I wouldn't know about if I didn't follow different Utah accounts. One of the places that have been on my list for a little while is The Sun Tunnels. I have seen cool pictures of them and all I knew is that they were in the middle of nowhere out kind of by the Salt Flats.

My friend Kyle and I both love photography. He does more portraits and I do more nature, but we both dangle in the other's specialty. We have talked about collaborating and doing more photoshoots together... but so far we only did Bridal Veil Falls shoot together, until this last weekend.

I asked Kyle if he would want to go to the Sun Tunnels with me to take pictures. He said yes and in true Kyle fashion invited other friends to come with. He has a lot more friends than I do... it's fine. I didn't realize that he invited 3 people, but I didn't have any expectations. I go to pick him up at his house... he first grabs a friend that was over at his house already. This friend was deaf. Then he told me we were going somewhere else to pick up his next friend.... so we did that. Then we drove to Draper to meet up with his next friend that was going to drive the rest of the way there. The two guys seemed friendly enough... when we got to Draper to meet the girl, right off the bat I didn't think I was going to like her. I thought she was going to be loud and annoying and our personalities were not going to mesh. Kyle decided I was going to sit up front with this girl and the boys were all going to sit in the back... although I was kind of bummed because I was looking forward to learning some sign language in the back seat... I embraced the front seat with this girl. As I often am... I was wrong about this girl and we had a ton in common and we laughed and sang and danced on our little road trip to the middle of nowhere. We chatted away and started making plans for the rest of the summer. It was amazing how, like me, she is super open to new friendships with people that are like minded and want to do the same type of things. She ended up being super genuine and took me into the group... in fact, they all did. They were all super good friends that have hung out plenty. I was the odd one out, but I didn't feel that way at all, which was really awesome. I think that says a lot about a group.

We didn't get to the Sun Tunnels in time (too many stops) and it was dark and cold and windy by the time we got there. We still hung out for a while anyway and then headed home determined to go back again in time for sunset. We had a blast together, which made it so I wasn't so disappointed in not getting there in time, because I made 3 new friends... which was more important to me. I became better friends with Kyle... I mean, we don't know each other that well  anyway. We met in the Shake is Off Video and did one photoshoot together. However, on the way home we decided that we must have many more adventures this summer. We started a Summer Adventure club. I hope it pans out, because it if does... I have a fun new crew. And maybe some new travel buddies. We shall see. What a random and fun new adventure. I'm excited about my new friends.

My friend Kyle took this picture of the Sun Tunnels that night. Turned out pretty cool.


jamie hixon said...

I might spy Orion in that picture. And I didn't realize that the sun tunnels were just... man-made tunnels. :) I'm sure they are cool.

Lori said...

I was totally expecting something else! haha. Glad you made some new friends :)