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Friday, April 8, 2016

Trash n' Fashion Show

The Provo Library had a Trash n Fashion Show tonight. My friend Josh (who lives a couple doors down from me) signed up to show off his talent. The show was to create fashion using recycled materials. He had a few looks in mind so he asked the ward if anyone wanted to help him out and be models. I told him I would help him out if he didn't have enough people volunteer. He asked me right away for my measurements. He must not have gotten enough people. Ha ha. I figured it would be fun and I would be helping out a friend. So I sent in my measurements on Tuesday. By Tuesday night... my dress was made! Talk about talent. I had no idea what I would be wearing. Thursday morning before I went to work, I went to go try it on. It fit perfectly.

Today after work I ran home, curled my hair and put on foundation and grabbed some heels and went over to the Provo Library. Beautiful building isn't it? On the 4th floor is where the fashion show would take place. I put on my dress and then Becky came to help with hair. Josh did my makeup the way he wanted it.

Then it was time for the fashion show. Turns out, it was just Josh and one other lady that entered pieces in the fashion show. So it was low key and it was quick and it was fun. Josh let me keep my dress (although I can't see myself ever wearing it again) but he kept the head piece.... which I would also never wear again, but it was fun to wear it for the fashion show. Everyone loved my headpiece. My dress was sewn out of bedsheets.

It was fun and I was happy to help out Josh.


jamie hixon said...

Um, your outfit was the best one! I love it, you look amazing! I would wear the heck out of that dress. Don't throw it out, send it to me. ;)

Also- bedsheets? It looks so good for being made out of bedsheets. And I am SO jealous that he whipped it up in one day. It takes me FOREVER to make things, as you well know.

Aaron Vasquez said...

dang. the pics are hot .