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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 350

First off, let's talk about how awesome Israel is! I don't know what I thought it was going to be like.... everyone was just so nervous for me to go there. I love it here though. Everyone is SOOOO friendly. People just go out of their way to help you and just genuinely want to talk to you and get to know you. Not for one minute have I felt unsafe. I have only loved exploring and getting to know people. I feel like we have made so many friends... made so many connections. I thought Tel Aviv was awesome... until I got to Jerusalem. I have LOVED it here. Great people, great food. I think this trip.. I have spent more time with locals than anywhere else I have traveled. It has been really fun.

One thing I am very sick of talking about though is politics. As soon as people find out I am from the USA the first question they ask me is if I voted for Trump. I thought I would be able to escape it... but I might be talking about it even more. Ugh. I feel sorry for Deb... she is getting sick of hearing about it too. We have become the laugh all over the world. It amazes me how much other countries follow everything that is going on in our country. WAY more than we do. One guy even asked me.... if I was liberal or conservative and before I could answer he said... let me rephrase, do you watch CNN or FOX. HA! They even know which new is bias towards which party. Pretty funny. I tried to avoid talking about politics as much as possible though. Amazingly enough I didn't really hang out with any other American's the entire time I was there. Not that they were not around, but I just didn't really hang out with any... just kind of worked out that way.

Deb and I have been getting along great, having fun. This is my first time traveling with someone not only so much younger than me (10 years) but also from a different country where English isn't her first language. I have to say, it's been really fun. We both travel in a similar way, so we are both laid back and go with the flow type people. It has made things very easy. I also like that we don't mind separating either. In Tel Aviv one night I went on a date and she stayed behind in the hostel. The next night I was super tired and didn't want to go out so she went out with a bunch of people from the hostel. Since being here in Jerusalem, I have gone out both nights that we have been here with a guy I met last night. She has been super cool about it. We both don't care and that is nice. We are not holding each other back at all. Plus she speaks English so well that I forget that it isn't her first language. I have been teaching her lots of American slang. She loves it. ha ha.

I REALLY wanted to go to Egypt on this trip... but it doesn't look like it is going to happen he more we look into it. I'm super bummed about it right now... but the more I think about it, the more I feel like I want to have more quality time there instead of just running over to see the pyramids. So I will have to go on another trip. It was just going to be too expensive to spend 2 days there. Plus, I need more than 2 days. Also the best Red Sea scuba diving is supposed to be on the Egypt side. I keep hearing that the Red Sea that is on the Israel and Jordan side is not the best. Who knows. I am still bummed, but I will get over it and now we get to spend more time in Israel.

I guess that is really it for now. We are having a blast and I haven't felt this beautiful in a while. Israeli men LOVE me. I get asked out at least once a day if not more. I feel bad because Deb doesn't really get attention because it is all going to me, but this never happens in the states... so I am really loving it. There are a lot of really attractive Israeli men too... let me tell you. If only everyone didn't smoke. Anyway... I will enjoy it while it lasts and then it will be back to reality of guys not caring about me in the states.

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jamie hixon said...

I remember going to New Orleans when I was 19 and getting tons of male attention. It felt so weird! I totally know how you feel.