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Sunday, November 27, 2016


So hard to put Jerusalem in one post since we spent almost a week there. I guess I will just throw a bunch of pictures at you. It's a pretty beautiful city with a lot of history and culture. Deb and I loved spending time there exploring and spending time with the people that we met.

We took a free city tour of the old city of Jerusalem (my favorite part of the city)

We also took a mount of olives tour, which in included some cool churches on the mount of olives. One of my favorites was this church that around the grounds and inside the church, they had the Lords prayer written in EVERY language. It took me a while to find the English transition.

Also saw the Garden of Gethsemane.

We also went to the Western Wall aka the Wailing Wall. We went at the absolute best time too... Friday night. Why is Friday night the best time to go? Because it is the start of Sabbath and so that is when the most people are there singing and chanting and dancing and praying and leaving notes in the wall. So... we went and we wrote a note and we prayed and left our notes in the wall. Even thought he prayer wall is not my particular belief, I really enjoy learned and participating in other people's faiths and how they worship. So I am really glad that we went and participated.

We found this hidden gem in the old city. You could climb to the top of this building... pay a small fee to go on the roof and you got this awesome view of the city. I LOVED it.

AS it turns out, Jerusalem has quite a night life. I wasn't expecting that for some reason. When the markets shut down, they close their doors and on the doors is this cool graffiti art. I loved it. I loved the entire atmosphere. The markets closed and the bars opened in the same place and the music and lights came on and I loved being there and dancing.

Loved Jerusalem! What an amazing experience.

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