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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Middle East Hostels

I always like to show where I stayed in my travels. Hopefully to change people's mind about hostels. I love hostels... sure, they have their downside, but I focus on all of the great things about them... like they are cheap and they are fun and you meet awesome people from all over the world.

In Tel Aviv, we stayed in the Florentine Hostel. It wasn't the greatest, but we met a couple of cool people... but my favorite part was the rooftop. That is where we had breakfast every morning and where we would hang out at night before going to bed. We even got a couple of stellar sunsets from the rooftop.

In Jerusalem, we stayed in the Abraham Hostel. That is pretty much where everyone stays when they go to Jerusalem. It is HUGE. It also had the most old people I had ever seen at a hostel. This is the place we stayed the longest since we were in Jerusalem for 6 days. It also had a common area where anyone (whether we were staying in the hostel or not) could go, so we got some free concerts which was fun.

My favorite hostel that we stayed at was in Dana, Jordan. Tower Hostel I think it was called. I loved the look and feel of it. It definitely felt like you were in Jordan. Plus, it was the first place we actually got our own room and bathroom... which was nice. It was the first night I didn't have to wear ear plugs to bed because of men snoring in the room.

The hostel we stayed at in Petra (Valentine Inn)  had a great view, but I wasn't impressed with anything else about it. It was also freezing. I was so glad that our dorm didn't have many people in it because I was stealing blankets off of the other beds in the middle of the night.

I also stayed at a Bedouin Camp... but that will be for a different post. Stay tuned...

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jamie hixon said...

Those places look pretty cool. Glad nobody stole your stuff. 😉 I've only stayed in one hostel. (Supposedly haunted.)