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Friday, November 18, 2016

Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Our first couple of days were spent in Tel Aviv. We enjoyed exploring the city.

Had to include some pictures of people we hung out with. This Bakery (Trump Bakery.. yes... named after our new president) was the first place we stumbled upon when we arrived in Tel Aviv. They were so friendly and welcoming and the food was so good, so we ended up going back everyday to say hi and would bring back more people with us each time. The guy that ran the bakery was so sweet.

Daniel was a friend of one of Deb's friends. He is from the States but is now living in Tel Aviv and said he would hang out with us... so we walked around the city and went out to dinner. Nice guy. We hung out with him for a bit the next day as well.

Our second day we decided to do the free city tour of Jaffa. The tour guide was a story teller and leave you hanging in the stories and then take breaks... like you were watching a tv show. He was from England and reminded me a whole lot of Mr. Bean... so I thought the tour was very entertaining. On that tour I met a mother and son that are LDS. I think it got brought up because I mentioned I lived in Utah and they said they had friends there. Naturally they were LDS... the son had recently served his mission in New Zealand. Always fun to run into other LDS people.... instant connection no matter where they are from. On that tour we also met our friend Tim from Australia... who ended up that he was staying at the same hostel as us and we ended up hanging out the rest of the day and hung out more in Jerusalem later on.

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jamie hixon said...

Those colors are awesome! The bakery sounds fun, and of course you met great people! You're Tracy Mills! 😘