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Monday, November 21, 2016

My Jerusalem Boyfriend

When I travel, I like to get on Tinder... you know, just to see who is around me. Most of the time I don't really match with anyone... I usually see there isn't really a lot of interest for the local men and I get off. In Brazil I matched with some cute guys, and chatted with some, but I didn't meet anyone. I mean... I was traveling with Stacey.. might have been a little weird.

Well, on this trip, I matched with A TON. Turns out... there are a lot of attractive Israeli men and Israeli men for some reason love me.

I went out with one guy in Tel Aviv. He just wanted to "hook up" so I put the kabosh on that date pretty quick. I mean, he was nice enough... but I didn't want to give him any false hope.

I got back on and started swiping in Jerusalem. I got a "Super Like" from a guy named Eli. He was young.... but I thought he was cute, so I swiped right. Not too much longer he started chatting with me. He seemed sweet and had a great sense of humor. He wanted to meet me that night (the first night I got to Jerusalem). I wasn't sure at first.... but since I was out anyway with a bunch of people from our hostel, I told him he could meet me at the open mic bar that we were at... so he came and met me there.

We had fun chatting... so we soon left with Deb and went to get something to eat. Then headed back to the hostel... but Deb went ahead so Eli and I split off. We ended up chatting that night until 4am. My boss was texting me pictures of her new eyelash extensions... forgetting that I was 9 hours ahead of her... but it didn't matter because I was up. Ha ha.

We had so much fun that he text me the next day saying he had fun and wanted to see me again that night. How could I argue. I had fun as well. I tried to get him to come with Deb and I during the day, but I would only see him at night. The next night he came to get me at the hostel and took me to an apartment complex where his friend lived to take me up to the rooftop so we could see the city lights. Pretty romantic huh? He knows how to put on the charm. It was another fun night of conversation and laughing until 4:30am. This is probably why I got sick the next day... not enough sleep. As soon as he found out I wasn't feeling well, within 20 minutes he was at my hostel with tea and medication for me. It didn't really help, but I thought it was the sweetest gesture I have had from a guy in a long time. He is a gentleman that really loved being with me not trying to just "hook up" with me and leave like most other guys I meet online. He genuinely likes me. It was so nice for a change. Even if it was for only a few days.

I ended up staying in Jerusalem for 5 or 6 days and we saw each other everyday... except for Sabbath. Oh yeah... did I tell you that he was super Jewish? We found out that Jews and Mormons have a lot in common. Ha ha... but obviously still a lot of differences. It was a fun week with this boy. It was very unexpected.... obviously. I mean... who goes to Israel and ends up dating someone for a week while they are there? Ha ha. Thanks Eli for making my trip to Jerusalem even more fun and for making me feel so special. Almost forgot what it was like to be treated that way by a guy.

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