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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Israeli Markets

Sooooo...... I kind of fell in love with the markets while I was in Israel. That just had SO MANY cool and interesting things. So many interesting spices and tea's and foods and woodwork and jewelry and tapestries and leather and so on and so forth. Needless to say, we spent a fare share of time in the markets. We just kept going back for more because it was this whole new world.

Yeah, I ended up getting a few things. Also made some friends at the market. I was actually given a lot of stuff either. Seriously. I would go into a shop and would tell them I didn't want to buy anything and start to leave and then they would say wait... take this because you have beautiful eyes... or because they thought I was beautiful and then would just hand me something. I got a free scarf, two free pendents, a free stone, some free postcards and a lot of really great discounts.  I got a olive wood nativity for my mom, a cool ring with roman glass, a leather floor cushion and some tapestries.

The guy who made the beautiful ring that I bought
 Guy I bought my tapestries and leather floor cushion from... who also wanted me to go on a date with him... but I turned him down.

And this is the first trip where I have brought back food. I brought back spices, tea and HALVA!! I discovered that I love halva, especially in my yogurt.

The Middle East is such a festinating place full of rich culture. I loved it and would love to explore more of it at some point.

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