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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Dead Sea

I can't believe that I was floating in the DEAD SEA!

I was super excited to go to the Dead Sea. There is nowhere else on earth quite like it. To look at... it isn't that special, but getting in it is an entirely different experience.

I knew that it was super salty, and I knew that you float with ease... but experiencing it blew my mind. It isn't even what I imagined. This is probably sounding silly. It's just salt water right? No... it is the saltiest of salt water. This is how salty... look at the shore!

They tell you a couple of things when you get there. Don't get the water in your mouth or eyes. Well... both happened to me on accident and I can tell you why they say that. My eye stung SOOO bad and the taste of that water is the nastiest... and I couldn't get it out of my mouth or off of my lips. It was not pleasant. I knew the thing to do was to rub the mud from the Dead Sea on your skin... so I went for it. Big time. Maybe all over my face wasn't the smartest because it was hard to get off, but I tell you what... my skin has NEVER felt that amazing before. For the next couple of days my skin was so soft and smooth. It was also super dry because it was so salty... but let me tell you... there is a reason why they make skin products out of that stuff and charge big bucks for it. It was nuts to see the instant difference in my skin after.

Then you go to float in the water. I knew it would be easier to float than normal, but I had no idea that it would take absolutely no effort to do so. You will never be so weightless besides being in space. Ha ha. You even have to be careful because after floating on your back, it is hard to get back up because you float so easily. Deb and I went out far enough that we couldn't touch the bottom anymore. I didn't have to tread water at all. Like... at all! I just stood there in the water, not doing anything and I didn't even come close to sinking. It was like just standing in the middle of the water. It was nuts! I feel like this is something everyone should experience. It is hard to explain how cool it is. I'm trying, but I don't know if I am doing a very good job of it. ha ha. If you have the chance to ever experience it, do!

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Lori said...

That looks like an epic experience! So cool. I need a little dead sea magic on my skin right now :)