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Monday, November 14, 2016

Middle Eastern Food

You know the book/movie "Eat. Pray. Love" ? Well... I totally experienced it. In a different order, but I did it. I went to India and meditated (in a way). I went to Italy and I ate.... boy did I eat. I went to Bali.. I didn't find love there, but I did go to the same Balinese Healer that she does in the movie and he did tell me that I had love in my future.

Well, I felt like I had "Eat. Pray. Love." All just in Israel. No joke. Turns out Israeli men love me. I was asked out at least once a day. I went out with a guy in Tel Aviv and I kind of dated a guy in Jerusalem. So there was my love. I went to the Western Wall "The Wailing Wall" at the beginning of Sabbath and I prayed with the Jews at the wall. I wrote a note and put it in the wall. So there was my pray. And then there was the food.... mmmmmmmm the food was so so so good. I knew it was going to be good, but I felt like we didn't have one bad meal while we were there in Israel and Jordan. I fell in love with Middle Eastern food. So Deb and I took pictures of everything we ate. We had to remember the great food.

So this post is dedicated to all the food that I ate on my trip. Ha ha.


Lori said...

Looks like a lot of good food :) Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to hear more!! Love you.

jamie hixon said...

All of that food looks AMAZING. I wonder when they named that bakery after Trump?