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Sunday, February 12, 2017

14th Birthday Party for Reanne!

Can you believe Reanne is 14? Yeah... me neither. She is growing up fast. We had a little family party for her tonight after dinner. She was thrilled about everything. She was just as excited for every present she opened no matter what it was.

Sierra was sweet and kept the Bourgeous Birthday tradition alive and decorated the Birthday Chair for Reanne. She of course LOVED it. Mostly because Sierra included Reanne's favorite thing... Anime.

Then we ended with her blowing out the candles and eating cake that Kristy baked for her.

Happy Birthday Reanne. You are turning into a beautiful and talented young woman. I love that you are passionate about what you like and don't like and that you are a rock star in your school band. You are so fun. Can't wait to take you out for your birthday treat.

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