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Friday, February 17, 2017

Tastey Stace

There is this awesome Ice Cream place near Center Street in Provo that is somewhat new called Rockwell's. Stacey had told me about it a while ago and told me it was his favorite ice cream and wanted to take me... but we never got around to going. Apparently he goes often enough that they asked him if he wanted to create his own flavor for the store. I mean... it helps that he is also a Utah celebrity... but whatever. So he accepted and created his own flavor and the opening night was tonight and he was going to be there helping to serve up ice cream to promote his flavor.

Pretty cool right? Yeah, so Lindsay asked me if I wanted to go with her to support Stacey. Of course I said yes. We also ran into some other friends that also went to support Stacey. Stacey later told me that they didn't keep the ice cream flavor that name... it was just for him that night. Pretty lame. Why do it at all if you aren't going to keep it? Oh well... still cool that they asked him.

Good ice cream and friends isn't a bad way to spend your Friday evening. Oh and that ice cream is super good. I will be going back for sure.