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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 362

I already blogged about painting pots with MacKenzie and our night of craft fun... so I will begin with Saturday. I was mostly doing chores and running errands, but I did watch the sunset at Utah Lake. It's my favorite. It's so close. After the sunset I had a date. WHAT? And a date that I was actually excited to go on. This is a guy I met online. His name is Ian... but it is pronounced Eye-N. I know... weird. We went out 4 months previous... but he pretty much stopped talking to me because he got back together with his ex girlfriend. Not a new story in my life. Anyway... they ended and we reconnected and he wanted to go out again and so did I because our first date did go well I thought. Great time, lots to talk about, similar personalities... he is a gentleman and all around great guy. Positive, sweet, considerate. All of these things I am just dying to find in a guy that is also attractive. The biggest problem we had before and now is that he lives in Ogden when it far enough away that it sure doesn't make things convenient when you want to hang out to spend time together to see if you even like each other enough to want to invest in the person. He drove down last time we went out and I told him I would go up to him this time, but he said... no... it's a long drive, I will come to you. So he did and he took me out to dinner and we had nice conversation and went back to my place and cuddled while watching a chick flick (he wanted to watch a chick flick) I know... this guy is great. It was a great date and a great evening. Would I like to go out again? Absolutely! Will we go out again? Who knows... maybe in another 4 months after he gets back with his ex again? That is more what I am expecting. Not to be a downer... that is just how dating goes for me, so I can never get excited or else I would just be disappointed ALL of the time. We will see how long he keeps in touch before he stops talking to me again. You would think Ogden was in a different state the way people treat the distance. Sure, it is kind of far, but I could easily take turns driving to see each other and meet half way during the week if I was super interested. I guess not everyone feels the same way.

Sunday I met my cousin's wife's brother who I met through instagram but later found out the connection. Over Thanksgiving Brandon was with his wife's side of the family. He told Dave that he would like my Instagram and should follow me and was like, oh hey, I already follow her. Then he messaged me and told me the connection and I was like... hey, we should adventure together sometime (because we are doing similar hikes and such) and when I said adventure I meant like a hike.. but because he follows me on Instagram and knows I travel, he brought up that he really wanted to go to Iceland. I told him that is where I wanted to go next as well. So he came over Sunday for us to meet and plan a trip to Iceland. I know... I am crazy traveling with people that I hardly know. I figured it would be fine because he is kind of like family. Rachel is the sweetest, so I can only imagine her brother would be the same. So we chatted for a couple of hours. Then it was time for family dinner.

After family dinner I met up with another guy. We met online but he messaged me and told me he recognized me from Facebook because he had seen pictures of me with a mutual friend and remembered me because he thought I was pretty. Anyway... he bugged me enough and convinced me to let him come over even though it was kind of late on a Sunday night. We talked for a while. He is a funny guy. Turns out he is good friends with my friend Lyndi that I met at the gym through the personal trainer because he is good friends with her boyfriend. She also set him up with Hillary a while ago, so he went out with Hillary and now going after me. Kind of weird... but whatever. I figured out pretty quick that as nice and fun as he is... he is not someone I would ever be interested in dating and is FULL of issues just oozing out the surface. I mean... I guess it is pretty unrealistic to think I will find a guy without issues at this stage of life, but some I think are more doable than others. Anyway... who knows if I will see that guy again. But that is the case with 95% of guys that I meet online.

Monday was awesome because my work team did a "ski day". Yeah...  we didn't ski, but we did take half the day off as a team and I think that is great team building. So I got some time to get things done and chill at home. Later that night I put on my first Mid Singles Home Evening (my new calling) and we decorated and ate Valentine's sugar cookies since Valentines day was the next day. Still not thrilled about this calling... but I am doing it.  I was quick to hurry out of there and head to MacKenzie's house to watch Bachelor with her and her roommates. A fun Monday night activity.

My Valentines day was pretty nonexistent. Valentines day as a single person is kind of the worst. Out of all the guys I have dated, I have only had a boyfriend once on Valentines day, so I know the difference of how fun I can be. I know it shouldn't matter and not everyone does something super romantic or sweet... but at least everyone that is married or in a relationship has someone... it is just a reminder that I still don't and don't know if I ever will. Yep... depressing. My team lead did make Heart cookies for everyone with their names on it though... That was thoughtful.

Wednesday was just work... nothing exciting.

Which leaves me with today. After work I decided to take a trip to Scheels. I went on a search for crampon's for my shoes for hiking on ice and such for when I go to Iceland. I found a pair. Hopefully I will find reasons to use them even after this trip. Now that I think of it... there are times that I wish my snow boots had more traction. Well... now they can. I also got a few other things there. That store is amazing. They even have a Ferris wheel in the store. It's nuts. I geek out over outdoor gear though, so I could spend hours in that store. Right next to Scheels is The Habit AND FreeBirds (almost like I'm back home in Santa Barbara) so I stopped to get something to eat on my way home.

And that is it for my week. That's a wrap!

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