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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Painting Planters

It all started when I was browsing online while at work... as I normally do. I came across this website I had never heard of... of a shop in Australia. Their design is right up my ally and I started exploring their online shop. Many know, that I have really been into plants these days... especially indoor plants. Well... I came across their planters and fell in love.

They had so many cute designs that all went together without being too matchy matchy. I really wanted a couple of them and was ready to buy. Then I saw how much each pot was. Each was between $150 - $300! Plus shipping costs from Australia! Ouch! I decided that I should be able to paint it myself.

I contact my former roommate, MacKenzie, because she had just recently painted some pots. On a much smaller scale, but still. I know she is very straight with her lines, and knew what she was doing... so I asked her if she would help. She is the best, so of course she said yes.

First I needed to find pots. I knew I wasn't going to be finding any like the ones on the website. However, I wanted to find some bigger pots that I liked. I ended up going to "At Home" store and found out they actually have a large selection of pots. I found 2 that had potential. One was already white (which was a bonus) but it was kind of a heavy plastic material, the other was textured and heavy. I didn't care though... I was going with it and was going to make them work.

Next I had to get some paints. I figured with the textured pot, I could spay paint it white and then use black acrylic paint. So that is what I did for the big one. For the tall white one... since it was glossy, I knew I couldn't use acrylic paint. I ended up buying some black spray paint that said it would work well on pretty much any material.... and... they were right! It worked great. I did a couple coats just in case, but looking at it in person, you would never guess it was spray paint. ANYWAY... before the painting happened.... I had to decide which designs I wanted to copy from the site. There were so many cute ones to choose from. I decided on these two...

Then we had to tape them up! That is what took the longest. Mackenzie has a lot more patience than I do and like I said before, she is a lot better at straight lines than I am. It was team work... but I guarantee that it wouldn't have been as straight without her.

We listened to comedy while we talked and taped and painted and had a great time. And what we got in the end..... was this!

Isn't it awesome? And guess what? I love them JUST as much as the ones I fell in love with online! I wasn't expecting that. I figured I would like them... but I LOVE them. I even like that they are different sizes and shapes. I liked them so much that I took one of my old pots that had been sitting outside for years and brought it inside to match these ones after painting it.

The pots already look great, but look how much cuter they are with my plants (that I already had waiting to be potted) in them! If you can't tell... I really really love them! Thanks MacKenzie for helping me with this fun little project. I spent under $100 instead of $300 + Sometimes it just pays to DIY.


Logan Dowell said...

Those turned out awesome! Great work.

Lori said...

Those are awesome Tracy!!!! You are amazing! Way to DIY ;) with a friend. Love you and miss you!