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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kanab Road Trip

Kyle and I wanted to get out of town for Presidents Day Weekend. We had all of these ideas of where to go and decided on Kanab. Why? We hadn't really explored there and there was a hot air balloon festival there that weekend. Plus it was raining pretty much everywhere that we wanted to go... so might as well stay somewhere near by just in case we want to bail and go home.

So early Saturday morning we headed that way. I was doubtful that hot air balloons were going to happen because it was rainy the entire drive there. When we arrived, I was right. The hot air balloons were cancelled for the day, but there was still a festival. So Kyle and I went to check it out. I ended up buying a beanie (the one I am wearing in the picture) and some bamboo pillows and a 10 ft phone charger cord and some yummy grub. There was also a band competition of some sort happening so we listened to music while we ate food.

It was fun for a couple of hours... but then it was time to move on. We needed to come up with a plan B since the balloon festival was a no go. We decided to head to St George and go to Snow Canyon.

Stay tuned...

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